HSP has begun the new year with not one but two new product lines

HSP has wasted no time in getting some quality Australian made products to market for both the all-new Mazda BT50 and Jeep Gladiator.
“Due to the bulk of our engineering, manufacturing, testing and prototyping being in Australia, we were in a really good position to hit the ground running when it came to the Mazda BT50 and Jeep Gladiator,” HSP Sales Director, Massih Aimaq, said.
Some of the Mazda items were released late December 2020.
“It was a crazy rush to get so many vehicles out before Christmas, however we managed to get the product ready and onto vehicles just in time for the break,” HSP Operations Director, Omer Dost, said.
“It was fantastic seeing all of our customers posting up images of their brand-new cars and our products while traveling around Australia.”

The products that HSP will introduce are:
• HSP Roll R Cover (Mazda BT50 and Jeep Gladiator): HSP says this is the only Australian manufactured roll top. It has the ability to retain sports bars and add ladder racks, cross bars and even platforms. The unit is also a world first in that you can completely control the roll top via a smart phone application or voice command.
• HSP Premium Lid: (Mazda BT50): “Australia’s favourite hard tonneau” with advanced features such as marine carpet interior, central locking, LED light, second to none water drainage and quick release hinges.
• HSP Silverback Lid: (Mazda BT50 and Jeep Gladiator): A fantastic entry level hard cover option. The Silverback is a multipurpose cover offering outstanding security, visual aesthetics, load carrying capability at a cost-effective price.
• HSP Load slide: (Mazda BT50 and Jeep Gladiator): A purpose-built retractable bed slide offering a 75 percent extension and 250kg weight rating. With an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to the vehicle and designed to give better access and management of your cargo.
• HSP Tail Lock: (Mazda BT50): The plug and play, no drilling unit locks and unlocks your tailgate via your factory remote and HSP says it is trusted by multiple vehicle manufacturers as their supplier branded accessory.
• HSP Tail Assist: (Mazda BT50): The advanced HSP Tail Assist works via a twin strut system which effortlessly dampens the drop of the tailgate and reduces weight while inclining.

In addition to the above products being released, HSP says you can get real time updates via the HSP Instagram page which takes you behind the scenes and shows manufacturing, design, and prototyping.

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