RacksBrax says it has solved yet another one of four-wheel-driving’s more frustrating problems

For years, camping and four-wheel driving enthusiasts have been struggling to find an easy solution to get recovery boards such as MAXTRAX and TREDS locked-on or taken off vehicles fast.
When you are out and about, quick access to your recovery boards can often be the difference between getting your vehicle out of trouble or losing it forever.
RacksBrax says its new Accessory Plate, fitted with the RacksBrax HD Hitch, means you can attach your MAXTRAX or TREDS recovery boards to your roof racks in a matter of seconds.
The RacksBrax Accessory Plate is designed to accommodate the MAXTRAX easy access pins and the TREDS easy access pins. This means you can get to your recovery boards without messing around with straps or having to unpack half your roof rack to get to them.
Further, RacksBrax notes that when you are driving around town, there is nothing worse than having unnecessary items on your vehicle.
It says that unlike many other recovery board brackets, the RacksBrax Accessory Plate can be removed in seconds with no time wasted with bolts and spanners.
Storage is also easy, as with the RacksBrax HD Wall Mount you can store your recovery boards conveniently on the side of your garage, shed or workshop.
RacksBrax says quality design and manufacture for safety and function are the hallmark of what it does. It states its products are developed by Australian designers and engineers using state of the art technology and tested in the field to make sure they meet with RacksBrax rigorous standards. All RacksBrax products are manufactured in Australia.

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