The SEMA FutureTech Studio will be located in the new EV and Future Propulsion section

The SEMA FutureTech Studio, a new exhibit at the 2023 SEMA Show, will give attendees an opportunity to learn about what the future of vehicle propulsion may look like.
The SEMA FutureTech Studio will be part of the new EV and Future Propulsion section that evolved from the popular SEMA Electrified exhibit at recent SEMA Shows.
“The automotive aftermarket has always been at the forefront of vehicle innovation and technology, and this new section will help showcase how our industry is leading the way in the creation of new engine and fuel options,” SEMA Vice President of Events, Tom Gattuso, said.
“The FutureTech Studio is a visionary space designed to inspire and support innovation across all segments and vehicles.”
Through various spotlights and showcases, the new immersive Show environment will feature parts and equipment that cater to the new technology, as well as vehicles that will highlight how these are employed.
The exhibit will also include a SEMA Education stage, named FutureTech LIVE, where industry leaders will discuss different propulsion technology, including EV, hybrid, hydrogen, alternative fuels, and other advancements in technology.
Additionally, the new EV and Future Propulsion area will include more than 15 exhibitor booths showcasing parts and tools that cater to this emerging technology, and more than 75 vehicles will help highlight the future of automotive innovation.
“The FutureTech Studio will help attendees understand what’s happening in the industry and how the industry is already pushing the creative envelope with new innovations, parts, and services,” SEMA Director of Vehicle Technology, Luis Morales, said.
“The EV and Future Propulsion section embodies our commitment to featuring the latest and future trends at the SEMA Show, and it is a testament to SEMA’s dedication to helping the community remain at the forefront of technological advancements.”
Organisers of the 2023 SEMA Show, taking place across October 31 to November 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, say it is the ultimate business gathering for the multi-billion specialty-automotive industry and is the place to discover the latest products and trends, connect with industry leaders, and network with fellow aftermarket professionals.

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