Exclusive to Allbar

Allbar says it is proud to announce the latest in product development for its range of ladder racks: a more practical, durable and safety-conscious rack with capped ends and removable pins.
Allbar states it is a proactive partner in the product research and design space, aspiring to facilitate stakeholder desires in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.
In line with providing offerings for commercial and recreational markets, Allbar says it is proud to now introduce its TekRack System.
This product has been purpose-built to meet the appetite for larger and more unique load-carrying operations while facilitating the recreational lifestyle that Australia has on offer.

Key features and benefits:
• Improved design of rack holders that now sit behind the Nudgebars, complying with ADR.
• New 32mm reinforced HRack Extrusion with better design and stability.
• Hi-vis 20mm safety yellow pins for awareness to remove HRack when not in use, made from Polypropylene with UV stabiliser.
• The safety yellow pins are locked into the 32mm reinforced HRack extrusion tube so the end caps will never fall off – you can always remove the pins to have a plain top.
• Easy to fit, reinforced steel brackets for most nudgebars.

Allbar VFPS (Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems) will be streamlined to utilise the new TekRack to comply with the ever-evolving industry requirements.
Allbar says it remains committed to the testing and certification for all frontal products, including ADR and ADAS requirements of frontal vehicle accessories, ensuring its customers remain safe on the road.

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