Consisting of exclusive Terrain Tamer suspension components

After having released its first GVM Upgrade kit earlier in the year for the 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser, Terrain Tamer has now expanded its range to include the popular VDJ78/79 models, including an option using Parabolic Springs.
The Gross Vehicle Mass, or GVM, is a rating set by the original manufacturer, and refers to the legal maximum weight of the vehicle.
This rating incorporates the wheels, as well as everything sitting atop – that is everything from the vehicle itself, bull bars, winches, fuel, people, water, food and the dog.
Built into the GVM is also the imparted Tow Ball Mass when towing, and a Rated Axle Capacity, a limit set for how much weight should be distributed to each axle.
Terrain Tamer has partnered with Multidrive Technology to develop its range of upgrade solutions for popular 4WD models which, when towing or loaded with essential off-road gear are often pushed to their GVM and axle loading limits.
There are two kit options for the GVM upgrade of the VDJ78/79 Series Landcruiser, the first utilising Terrain Tamer’s anti-friction leaf springs, and the second offering the alternative of Parabolic Springs.
Both kits facilitate an increase from the original rating of 3300kg (dual cab) or 3400kg (single cab) to either 3950kg or a more modest 3780kg, and have been independently assessed to increase the front axle rating to 1540kg, with the heavier rated kit adding an extra 140kg to the rear axle also, taking the rating to 2440kg.
Consisting of exclusive Terrain Tamer suspension components, the kits have been thoroughly tested and analysed by Multidrive Technology to reach Secondary Stage Manufacturers’ approval and can be installed on existing registered vehicles at approved workshops and following state level modification processes.
Terrain Tamer’s GVM upgrades are available now.

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