Taking DC-DC chargers “to the next level”

Thunder has released its new DC-DC charger which it says boasts features “never before seen in the Australian market, including a remote mount Bluetooth LCD display as well as an IP67 rating and 90°C temp rating.”
Whilst others have the IP67 rating, Thunder says the combination of the three features means it can be installed under the bonnet without fear of the charger de-rating due to engine heat or being damaged through a creek crossing.
The remote display means drivers can see what the charger is doing from the cabin, understanding at a glance their battery’s state of charge, whether it is being charged by the engine or solar, and if there is a connection error.
Merchandise Manager, Steve Mitchell, said he could not be more excited about launching the new charger and the introduction of the remote screen.
“This new charger is the result of years of work from our first-generation charger, with ongoing testing and research,” Steve said.
“Thunder understands the needs of 4×4 enthusiasts because we are enthusiasts ourselves. We’ve listened, we’ve watched, and we’ve worked alongside other industry leaders to bring the next generation of in-vehicle charging to life.”
Thunder says having a DC-DC installed in the engine bay is always ideal as it can provide additional air flow to keep the unit operating in peak condition. The issue has always been not knowing the state of charge or thinking the unit is charging when it is not.
Thunder says another exciting feature is the linkable design, allowing multiple units to be linked to increase the amperage and charging power.
This has been dubbed Modular Sense Technology and Thunder says it is an excellent building block for off-roaders as they expand their kit.

The company explains that when people first start off-roading, they will typically buy a 20A charger. Then as they buy more and more accessories or need more charging power, they will upgrade to a 40A or higher capability charger. This means you are purchasing more and more chargers, each at a significantly higher price point.
With Modular Sense Technology, Thunder says you start with the 20A unit and then if you want to upgrade, you purchase another 20A unit, link it and then you have got a 40A system.
This new charger is also the first of the Thunder range to include a Lithium profile in addition to the Lead Acid, GEL, Calcium and AGM profiles of previous chargers.
It also has the ability to accept 50V unregulated house panels without blowing fuses or melting. Thunder notes that whilst house panels are not ideal for off-road use, their lower price and availability have meant they are finding their way into more and more setups, particularly mounted to the top of caravans.
The new Thunder DC-DC is available to automotive industry specialists and mechanics from NAPA Auto Parts, Ashdown-Ingram, Covs, Global and R&E Auto Parts, as well as leading 4×4 and electrical retailers.

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