World Class Filtration by FRAM

Adrad says it is expanding its automotive range to include filtration from FRAM, which it says is America’s number one oil filtration brand with more than 85 years of history in engine filtration.

High-quality filtration can save thousands
Poor engine filtration can result in premature turbocharger failure, dirty fuel injectors, engine sludge, piston and ring damage or worn engine bearings. These can lead to reduced engine performance, costly repairs and even total engine failure. Adrad says that fitting a good-quality filter can save customers thousands in potential costly repairs.

How do FRAM filters compare to other filters?
Adrad reports independent testing comparing an original equipment filter, a competitor filter and a FRAM filter showed that FRAM has double the lifespan of the tested competitor filter. Adrad says that this means that FRAM filters can be relied on to meet and exceed the manufacturer’s service interval.
Adrad’s range of FRAM filters use a high-quality filter medium that optimally balances efficiency and filtration for the intended application, ensuring a high-level of performance.

Oil Filtration
FRAM oil filters meet all manufacturers’ recommended change intervals. These oil filters feature high-quality materials, and an anti-drain back valve that prevents a damaging ‘dry start’.

Engine Air Filtration
The average vehicle engine breathes in about 10,000L of air for every litre of fuel consumed. This means that a quality air filter is essential to protect the engine, enhance fuel economy and engine performance.
Air filters also assist in protecting the sensitive air flow and lambda sensors found in modern car engines. Adrad says it now has an extensive range of high-quality FRAM engine air filters designed for popular Australian vehicles.

Fuel Filtration
Clean fuel burns more efficiently, providing better engine performance, explains Adrad, which states that further, fuel filtration keeps fuel pumps and injectors clean and reduces the need to replace these costly parts.

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