Australian workshops now have access to a free benchmarking service

The AAAA recently launched a new and free to use Workshop Benchmarking Tool, available to all Australian workshops via the website.
This new benchmarking tool allows workshops to fill out a quick online survey to receive not only statistical information on how they compare to other workshops in the country, but also strategic tips on what they can do to improve their standing.
“Information is power and the AAAA has been proud over the years to provide valuable data services to our members with the help of our research partners, ACA Research,” AAAA Director of Government Relations and Advocacy, Lesley Yates, said.
“This new tool takes the data and strategic insights we have accrued from years of annual benchmarking surveys and takes it to the next level for the benefit of workshops all over the country – both those who are AAAA members and those who are not.
“In only minutes, participating workshops can see how they are faring compared to the rest of their industry and receive some great ideas on what they can do to make sure they preserve or improve on their success.
“And like with all research-driven projects, as more workshops use this tool, it will continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, which we are all very excited about.”
For more detailed information about the AAAA Workshop Benchmarking Tool, please click here for the full story.

To access the tool, please visit or go to