The leaf springs are designed for the 4×2 N80 Hilux

The Toyota 4×2 N80 Hilux has developed a reputation for being a tough and reliable truck.
This workhorse appears to be up to even the most demanding task. Its owners may load up the bed with any number of items like machinery, heavy tools, canopies, or anything else that needs to get from here to there.
However, Tough Dog suspension states that for the most part OEM suspension components are not designed with the goal of maintaining comfort under load.
It says OEM leaf springs are not usually rated for heavy loads and as a result, the rear of the vehicle will drop, which will negatively affect the breaking and handling of the vehicle.
Tough Dog Suspension further explains that ride comfort is also affected, as the OEM shock valving is likely not able to effectively control the spring under heavy loads.

To address this problem, Tough Dog says it has developed a new range of standard height heavy-duty 0-1000kg leaf springs that pair with its award-winning twin tube 41mm foam cell shocks to improve the suspension of the 4×2 Hilux.
Once combined with supplied bushes and U-bolts, Tough Dog says the upgrade will assist with load carrying applications while maintaining a high standard of comfort and driveability.
Tough Dog aims to help owners get the most out of its 4×2 Hilux without compromising safety. It says that it recognises that a one size fits all mentality just won’t cut it when it comes to suspension components.
Top Dog offers a four-year unlimited kilometre warranty for recreational use. It also provides a three-year unlimited kilometre warranty for fleet and commercial use, giving its customers some additional peace of mind.

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