Australian workshop equipment specialist introduces innovative all-new triple safety German-made hoist to local market

MAHA has recently brought to Australia the German-made MA Star two-post lift, which has a 3500kg load capacity.
It has a triple safety feature and a 20-year plus proven spindle-nut system with self-locking thread and comes with a five-year warranty.
The MA Star two-post lift comes in two models: the MA Star 3.5A Asymmetrical and MA Star 3.5S Symmetrical.
The MA Star 3.5A includes asymmetrical columns turned by 45 degrees for a generous door-opening angle, and asymmetrical support arms. The support arms have a 180-degree range. The optional MA Star 3.5S comes with symmetrical columns for a reduced overall width and symmetrical support arms.
Both models are available with variable installation width and are finished with your choice of powder coating supplied in standard RAL 7040 window grey on the columns and RAL 7016 anthracite grey on the support arms.
Features with standard delivery:
• Two asymmetrical columns with control panel at operating column
• Four asymmetrical support arms
• No need for lowered sports car arms with extremely low 80mm lifting point across four support discs (plug-in system with threaded adjustment)
• 50mm and 100mm extensions that can be combined to achieve 150mm for large side steps
• Adjustable Cable bridge for low ceiling installation
Optional features for after delivery:
• Second Control Panel – fitment after installation
• 240v Power / Air Pack – fitment after installation
• Second 240v Power / Air Pack – fitment after installation
• Larger baseplate for 130mm concrete installation
• LED Light set – fitment after installation
• Longer Cable set – used for conduit or floating slab installation
• Infrared Light Barrier for low ceiling installation
Technical Data MS Star 3.5A:
• 3500kg load capacity CE and Australian Design Registered
• 180° swivel range of short support arms
• 95° swivel range of long support arms
• 40 second raising time (load-dependent) approx.
• 40 second lowering time (load-dependent) approx.
• Two x 3.0 kW Drive power
• Three phase 16Amp Power supply
• 650 kg net weight without packaging
• C 20/25 required concrete quality
• 180mm required minimum concrete slab thickness without screed
Both models can also be installed with many additional accessories including: a light barrier to prevent contact with the ceiling; a non-skid device for vehicles with longitudinal frame; lashing straps as tilt protection for gearbox removal; a magnetic tool tray and more.

The features of the MA Star 3.5A and MA Star 3.5S are highlighted in a YouTube video which can be found on the MAHA Australia and New Zealand YouTube Channel.

For installation costs and more information, call MAHA Australia on 1800 006 242 or visit