ANBI launches another innovative product

Following the successful launch of its innovative negative battery isolator switch, the ANBI Switch, the team at Digital Pulse Systems is excited to announce the launch of its new under-bonnet battery conditioner, the ANBI Battery Conditioner.
The all-new ANBI Battery Conditioner transmits a high frequency digital pulse within the battery. These digital pulse frequencies break down the sulphates in the battery, extending battery life and increasing battery reliability.
“Battery conditioner technology has been around for more than a decade, and in the more recent past, the technology has been integrated into a wide variety of battery chargers,”, General Manager, Digital Pulse Systems, Theo Brown said.
“But of course, this only works if the battery in on-charge. Our all new, under-bonnet battery conditioner works to reduce sulphates when-ever the vehicle is in use.”
Unlike other under-bonnet battery conditioners, the ANBI Battery Conditioner features a voltage cut-out that stops the unit drawing power when the vehicle is not in use.
“The biggest issue with under-bonnet battery conditioners to-date is that when the vehicle is idle, they continue to draw battery power, which will run the battery flat quite quickly,” Theo explained.
“After intensive testing, we added a voltage cut out to the ANBI Battery Conditioner that removes the issue completely.”
The main cause of battery failure is sulphates accumulating on the battery plates. Sulphate accumulation occurs when lead sulphates form on the battery plates during the normal recharge/discharge cycles. Over time this sulphate builds up, lowering the batteries performance until the battery runs flat.
With a recommended retail price of only $79.50, the ANBI Battery Conditioner comes in at about half the cost of a new battery. Representing great value when you consider that testing has shown it can extend battery life by up to three times.
“Installing the ANBI Battery Conditioner will revive the battery that is low, and bring it up to an efficiency with extended battery life,” Theo explained.
The ANBI Battery Conditioner can also resuscitate a low battery, when recharging, with the ANBI Battery Conditioner, installed on the battery, at time of charging.
“Testing has proved that installing the ANBI Battery Conditioner onto the terminal of a flat battery prior to charging, can restore battery efficiency to approximately 80 percent,” Theo said.
The all-new ANBI Battery Conditioner has been tested to ensure it meets all international automotive specifications, proving that it will deliver outstanding performance, even in the most extreme conditions.
The ANBI Battery Conditioner is suitable for a broad range of applications including automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial equipment.
“The ANBI Battery Conditioner provides automotive workshops, tyre dealers and automotive electricians with an additional source of revenue that will improve profitability and increase customer satisfaction,” Theo said.
“Keeping the ANBI Battery Conditioner in stock and recommending it to customers is a fantastic way to increase sales.”

To find out more about how stocking and recommending the ANBI Battery Conditioner can increase the profitability of your business, visit or call 1800 290 812 for trade enquiries.