Finding the right engine oil has never been easier, says Valvoline

Valvoline has upgraded its website Lube Guide to make it easier for workshops to find the right product to service any vehicle.
The new user-friendly lube guide has three ways you can search for Valvoline products.
The first option is to use the quick search and type the brand, model series and year into the menu.
The second option is to choose the type of vehicle category and to then simply input your registration number – this is a new feature that Valvoline has added to the lube guide to make it easy for you to find the right Valvoline product.
The final search option is to use the drop-down menus to look up vehicle make and model.
Finding the right products and pack sizes specific for the vehicle being serviced is now an effortless process, says Valvoline, which states it has tailored its lube guide for the retail and trade space.
The retail lube guide shows Valvoline products available from retailers and the trade lube guide is for workshop use. In addition, the coloured icons help to easily select the right category for your search.
Valvoline has not only made it easier to search for vehicle applications, it has also expanded the product application range on the lube guide with the addition of oil filter applications shown in various vehicle searches.
Now when searching for the right product, the search results will return suitable products for the vehicle crankcase, transmission, differentials, power steering and brake system.
But it doesn’t stop there, says Valvoline. The next improvement Valvoline is working on is the new look lube guide app which will be suitable for smart devices.
The upgraded app will feature all of the same benefits as the new and improved website lube guide and the company says you should stay tuned for more information on the Valvoline lube app.
To view the new website lube guide or to keep up to date with improvements Valvoline is implementing in products, services and technology, visit

If you have any questions on the new lube guide or wish to place an order, contact Valvoline’s Customer Service team on 1800 458 237 (Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm AEST) or its Technical Hotline on 1800 804 658 (Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm AEST).