The company says the new website is innovative, interactive and informative

With automotive electronics and mechatronics becoming increasingly difficult to diagnose, test or repair, Injectronics says it has found the need for information sharing paramount.
With this goal top of mind, Injectronics says it has produced an innovative new tool for the automotive aftermarket.
After months of work, Injectronics says its new website will improve the flow and sharing of information between Injectronics and the customer, offering an improved customer experience and a streamlined process.
Features and benefits for the customer include:
• All repairable products are easily viewed, including common faults, images and all critical information
• “Huge” host of technical information available at your fingertips
• Fully searchable content
• Register a unit for repair with a few clicks
• Tech support and live chat

Part repairs – REP (Repair) part numbers
Whilst part numbers with the REP suffix are not new to the website, Injectronics has added hundreds more, all of which can be promptly tested/repaired for the customer. Injectronics says the repair of a customer’s unit is advantageous over a brand new unit, with many late model vehicles requiring the ECM, BCM, immobilisers and keys to be programmed or matched.
Safer than installing a second hand unit, as these can be coded to the original vehicle; Injectronics says repairs also provide obvious cost benefits, avoiding expensive re-programming fees. Injectronics can test the associated components together as a set, ensuring accurate and complete diagnosis whilst maintaining all of the vehicle’s original coding, security and programming information.
Each REP number on the website has a dedicated landing page providing the essential information such as common faults, additional components required to repair the item, vehicle applications, component locations, OEM part numbers and images to assist in identification.

Technical information
Injectronics says its technical support team is regularly adding to its “huge” library of technical bulletins, providing answers to commonly asked questions as well as adding solutions to some not so common problems. All this information is available and searchable on the website. Regular news articles and technical bulletins are also available straight to your inbox – by subscribing you can keep up to date with all that Injectronics offers.

Search functions
Search the catalogue by a specific part number or use the make, model, series search. Users can perform a whole site-search by keyword, phrase or part number. This will find the part you are looking for and will also search the library of technical bulletins and news articles past and present for additional information. You can also print or save the document for your reference.

Online Repair Registration
The most significant change to the website is the addition of the Online Repair Registration, which allows the customer to register a product for testing or repair online in just a few clicks. A four step process allows you to register a unit quickly and easily and the system will offer a list of common faults usually attributed to that specific part number which can then be selected with a click, if it is relevant to the vehicle in question.
Prompts to send any additional components required to do a thorough test/repair of that part number is also a game changer. You will be asked to confirm the items you are sending, with reminders to send the correct items to expedite the testing process. Injectronics says these additions will reduce the many calls between Injectronics and the customer for authorisation to repair, fault reports and requests to send additional components. Also all repairs will be logged in your account, allowing you to review past repairs at the click of a button.

Technical Support
Injectronics says the priority for its team has always been technical assistance to the trade. Injectronics still offers free expert assistance to its customers and alongside the Injectronics website, its tech support staff can offer help with tech advice, tips, wiring diagrams and programming procedures.

The tech department is available via email at or phone on 1300 308 060 (AU) or 0800 536 547 (NZ). You can also live chat with a team member at