The head torch and workshop lights from Narva have multiple applications

Narva says it continues to expand its Advanced Lighting Solutions (ALS) range of workshop lighting to ensure a premium work light for every job or application.
The technologically innovative Narva ALS range has now grown to include two new LED under bonnet/scene lights, offering users a pair of feature-packed alternatives to Narva’s already popular and proven See Ezy rechargeable LED under bonnet lamps (71230 and 71228) that have reportedly had huge success with many workshops and racing teams.
The two new lamps boast a powerful, adjustable light output supported by a lightweight, sturdy construction and a multitude of accessories, providing seamless, hands-free lighting for an entire engine bay.
With selectable output/brightness, users can choose from two to four hours operating time with a three to four hour charging time. Both units offer 1.2 to two metre adjustable lengths designed to fit most bonnets, with detachable brackets for easy mounting and storage.
Narva says that aside from its precision build quality, where the ALS under bonnet lamps will truly stand out is for their inclusion of some advanced features. The 1000 lumen 71430 features a detachable light head and battery, as well as a two in one charge base that doubles as a powerful flood (800lm) and spot (400lm) torch.
An optional UV torch charge base (71484) provides a powerful UV output ideal for leak detection. Meanwhile, the more powerful 2000 lumen 71432 can operate by battery or via its included five meter 240V AC cable so workshop users are never left without light.
Optional extras include two heavy duty tripods (with or without wheels), multi-functional fasteners, spare chargers and batteries, and the UV charge base and torch for 71430.
Narva’s new ALS under bonnet lamps and the rest of its premium ALS range of workshop lighting are available from leading automotive and transport outlets throughout Australia.

Its head torch, meanwhile, produces a 180 Lumens flood beam light that provides 120 degrees of beam angle courtesy of two COB LEDs. A secondary arc shaped COB LED also provides the option of a lower intensity (120 Lumens) flood beam for when less light is required.
Additionally, the head torch is equipped with a spotlight function, which provides 150 Lumens of output, delivering strong illumination up to 60 meters away. Other benefits of this new light include red (620nm) and green (520nm) light functions for added versatility.
The actual lamp component is magnetised and can be easily removed from the comfortable, fully-adjustable helmet clip head band to provide extra versatility for the lamp to be used separately.
The lamp is also motion activated, making it more convenient for the wearer to operate on the move or if they have their hands full. There is no need to physically touch the lamp and finding the unit when it’s turned off is easy as it features a glow in the dark locator and there is also a brightness memory function.
For added performance indoors or outdoors, the head torch is dust and water resistant to IP65 and charging is fast and efficient with the included 240V USB charging lead.
The new Narva ALS Rechargeable Head Torch is covered by a two-year warranty and is available from leading automotive, recreational and trade outlets.

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