The prototype was worked on for over a year

Dave Mitchell, the Founder and Owner of High Performance Diesel, has created ZERO Automotive, a new company which designs and builds zero emission Toyota Series 79 LandCruisers.
In these vehicles, the diesel drive train is replaced with a fully battery electric drive train, which produces a quiet, smooth ride with zero emissions.
“The vehicle is called a ZED70, for Zero Emissions Drive and it has a number of promising applications that may cause people and businesses to prefer it over its diesel equivalent,” Dave said.
“These include environments where air quality is a concern such as underground or in the wilderness like National Parks or the Antarctic, where noise is a concern such as safari parks, or where robustness and maintenance cost reduction are required such as mining. You may prefer it because it is doing the right thing environmentally for future generations.”
Shortly after the ZED70 was first launched in 2019, ZERO Automotive responded to a tender from OZ Minerals for an electric light vehicle. The company was chosen out of a selection of nine other bidders and this led to Dave creating a new vehicle featuring Lithium Titanate Oxide batteries, called the ZED70 Ti.
“The two different battery chemistries used in the vehicles provide the ZED70 and ZED70 Ti with different performance characteristics for different operating conditions,” Dave said.
“The ZED70 gives greater range on a charge…while the ZED70 Ti provides longer total life and can be used in multiple chassis where they are subject to arduous environmental conditions such as underground mining.”

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