Adrad Performance Alloy For 4×4

You may be wondering, should you put a copper/brass or alloy radiator in your 4×4?
Adrad says it has changed the answer with genuinely durable high-performance alloy units for 4WDing.
If you challenge your 4WD regularly or just now and then, fitting an upgrade aftermarket radiator will allow your engine to stay comfortably cool under load. Modified 4x4s in particular may require an upgrade radiator to handle the heat from the extra power output.
Upgrading the radiator could mean the difference between a successful trip and being stranded on the side of the road. It is an investment that you should consider if you plan to take your vehicle off-road, use low-range to scrabble up a steep hill, climb sandy ridges on a 45-degree day or simply tow a trailer or caravan on the open road in summer.
Adrad says the Adrad Performance 4×4 radiator range features alloy tanks and super-tough, heavy-duty extruded water tube for maximum strength.

How do Adrad Performance 4×4 Alloy Radiators Compare to Copper/Brass Radiators?
Adrad says that while copper/brass radiators for 4x4s have the advantage of being easy to repair when you are in the outback, the heavy duty alloy radiators designed by Adrad Performance combine superior heat transfer capacity with real durability and strength.
On a copper/brass radiator, the tube and fin are joined using solder (mix of lead and tin), which acts as an insulator. This decreases the heat transfer capacity of the radiator, explains Adrad.
It says Adrad Performance full alloy radiators allow maximal heat transfer where the tube joins the fin, stating that this means that you get the high performance cooling you expect from an alloy radiator.
“The real advantage of an Adrad 4×4 heavy-duty extruded tube radiator is that you don’t make a compromise between durability and cooling performance,” Adrad National Marketing Manager, Andrew Mitchell, said.
“Adrad’s heavy-duty extruded tube has thickness at the leading wall edge of 1.6mm thick, where standard tube is between just 0.28 and 0.32mm thick. This much thicker tube is highly resilient, eliminating the likelihood of impact damage due to the increased toughness and strength of the thicker alloy tube.
“When an Adrad 4×4 radiator is driven on corrugated roads, exposed to sand or flying debris, it is tough enough to survive unscathed.
“With an Adrad Performance alloy radiator in your 4×4, you can expect longevity on the road unless there’s a major impact, or a stray current issue.
“Invest in a tried and proved Adrad Performance heavy-duty extruded tube radiator for your 4×4 for peace of mind that your radiator is tough enough for any driving challenge.”
Adrad radiators are available for Landcruiser, Navara, Patrol, Pathfinder, Ranger, Rodeo, Colorado and more.
Adrad Performance also has the Koyo 4×4 range available.

To learn more, ask for Adrad Performance at your local workshop, browse the range online or call Adrad on 1800 069 610.