Holts has a long and distinguished past

With nearly 100 years of experience, those behind the brand say it has become a global leader in the car aftercare market.
With sales from the UK to UAE and India to Israel, Holts has become a truly international business.
In 1919 Douglas Holt started the business which prided itself on understanding the car care needs of its customers and developing products which helped their vehicles run better and last longer.
Today, Holts original values of quality, integrity and service remain at the core of everything it does and it says it continues to celebrate its Britishness.
From flat tyres to leaking radiators and seized brakes, Holt says it helps professionals get the job done.
Developed with customers in mind, it says Holts products can be relied upon to deal with car care challenges.
Products in the range include Tyreweld, Radweld and Gun Gum, which have become well-known by industry professionals over the years.
Other products include Brake Cleaner, Electrical Contact Cleaner, EGR and Carb Cleaner, Engine and Parts Degreaser, Spray Grease, Silicone Spray, Graphite Maintenance Spray, and Rustola Release Spray to name a few.
These great products all offer a 360° ball valve to allow the product to be used upside down in order to clean those hard to reach areas.

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