The new websiste functionality will save consumers time

Recently, Nolathane has introduced a rego lookup feature to its website, designed to save customers time searching parts while ensuring they can have complete confidence when purchasing the correct part for their vehicle.
This feature is accessible for vehicles across every state and territory in Australia and Nolathane says it will be just as useful for mechanics as it will to the DIY customer.
To use, you can simply enter your number plate and state in the Nolathane Rego Lookup on the Nolathane website, and it will bring up every part which will suit your vehicle.
Within a few clicks, you can have the part of your choice purchased and shipped to your location.
“We have always prided ourselves on having the best parts catalogue and lookup system,” Nolathane Marketing Manager, Andrew Nolan, said.
“What was once flicking through our extensive print catalogue is now made even easier by punching in a license plate on your smart device, laptop or PC; how easy is that.”

To search your vehicle visit,