An easy-to-use tool kit for any bushing removal and replacement job

The Nolathane Press Tool Kit is a specialised tool which Nolathane says provides a safe, effective, and easy way to remove old worn bushings and install new Nolathane bushings.
It is suitable for using with a press or for working directly on a vehicle.
Nolathane says this kit will also provide a safer option for other workshop pressing requirements.

Key features:
• Easy enough for DIY and strong enough for workshops.
• Less force required to remove/install bushings, bearings and joints; making use easy even without power tools.
• 18 press tubes arranged in 2mm increments to match common bush sizes.
• Mild steel construction allows them to crush instead of shatter if overloaded or be easily machined to suit specific job applications.
• Individually numbered sleeves can be replaced and reordered separately.
• Threaded rods in different sizes, complete with bearings.
• Nuts with double washers and encapsulated lubricated ball bearings for strength and longevity (stops nut from binding and stripping thread).

Kit contents:
• 26-piece press and pull tool
• 18 x Sleeves – 34mm-82mm diameter (2mm increments)
• Four press plates
• Four pulling spindles covering the following nut sizes: M10, M12, M14, M16.
• Rolled thread on spindles

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