The company says its sensor range stands apart from the rest

Following success in Europe and the USA, NTK added to its already extensive catalogue of Oxygen Sensors, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors and Air Fuel Ratio Monitors last year by releasing four new products:
• Engine Camshaft Position Sensor – these sensors report camshaft rotation timing and speed. A vital component of the ignition system and vehicle computer communication, the engine camshaft sensor determines the exact position and speed of the camshaft(s) to ensure the proper timing of fuel injection and ignition as well as VVT operation.
• Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor – these sensors report crankshaft rotation timing and speed. Like the Camshaft sensor, the Engine Crankshaft Position Sensor plays a vital role when it comes to the ignition system and vehicle computer communication, determining the exact position and speed of the crankshaft to ensure the proper timing of fuel injection and ignition while also providing misfire monitoring.
• MAP Sensor – these sensors determine the intake manifold pressure or vacuum. These sensors are a major contributor to fuel injector pulse width and ignition and valve timing, reporting engine load to the engine’s computer and ensuring proper air/fuel ratios.
• ABS Wheel Speed Sensor – these sensors monitor the vehicle wheel speed. The ABS control module uses the information received from the ABS wheel speed sensors for several systems such as anti-lock brake, traction control and stability control systems. Sensors can be found at each wheel as well as at the differential or transmission tail shaft housing.
NTK – which boasts more than 40 years of experience in the sensor business – explains that after years of its oxygen sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors and air fuel ratio monitors leading the way for both vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket, the addition of the new Camshaft, Crankshaft, MAP and ABS Wheel Speed Sensors ranges marked a significant expansion of the NTK portfolio.
“Our range, availability, technical support and OE quality makes NTK sensors the most trusted sensor brand for mechanical workshops,” NGK Spark Plugs Australia Senior Product Manager, James Filshie, said.
“NTK have always been the sensor specialists you can count on, and this is now even more true thanks to our significantly expanded range.
“There is no doubting that with these new offerings, which provide excellent Australian vehicle parc coverage and open up further OE replacement opportunities for aftermarket customers, our position as a world-leading ignition and sensor manufacturer has been cemented.”

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