10 new premium performance grease products launched in the automotive retail network

Nulon Products Australia has significantly expanded on its successful and long-standing P.T.F.E grease range with the introduction of ten new compound and aerosol grease products covering a wide range of industry applications.
“The new grease offer from Nulon has been developed with the end user in mind and presents as an easy-to-understand solution for a wide range of applications across varied consumer and industry segments,” Nulon Products Marketing Manager, Tom Murray, said.
“In a product category that is often confusing, our consumer-friendly approach is designed to cut through the industry jargon and make the products easy to understand.
“We have done this by aligning product and label messaging to the application and in addition, added visual aids and colour coding.”
The new greases are formulated from global, market-leading technology and will be manufactured locally with locally sourced materials.
“We’re proud to be able to continue to manufacture our products in Australia. It’s a very important part of our heritage.” Tom said.
The new grease range includes 10 new grease products in cartridge, tub and aerosol packaging for automotive, construction, marine, industrial, agricultural and general/multi-purpose uses.

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