Bilstein’s B4: for active and passive applications for European and premium cars

Many motorists rely on the recommendation of their workshop when selecting wear parts and rightly trust the expertise of the professionals.
According to Bilstein, product quality should be the most important thing for these professionals in order to satisfy their customers.
It says it demonstrates what is possible in the aftermarket with its B4 shock absorber product range, which reportedly incorporates the full experience of Bilstein as an original equipment manufacturer.
With many applications for European and premium cars, the B4 series includes many different variants with amazing features.
It says the specifications are meticulously matched to the respective vehicle model and yet, the workshop does not have to deal with the details.
It says there is no need to choose between several options as “Bilstein B4 always stands for OE-identical quality and automatically supports all standard features.”

Bilstein says one example is the Agility Control suspension fitted to some Mercedes-Benz models.
It states the only fully-fledged aftermarket alternative to the standard shock absorber is the Bilstein B4 with DampMatic technology and the Bilstein comfort valve.
The same applies to cars with actively controlling dampers, with Bilstein stating that its matching spare parts are marked with the suffix DampTronic and are often the only alternative to the high-priced OE products.
Even for vehicles with air suspension, Bilstein says there is an attractive solution in the form of Bilstein B4 air suspension modules.
Bilstein products are available through a select group of distributors in the Australian market, including through CoolDrive Auto Parts.

For more information, visit www.bilstein.com