Interequip says it supplies 70 litre and 90 litre oil drainers at great prices

Compromises are everywhere, we see them every day in almost everything: from a vehicle which might try to drive off-road but feel less like a truck, to a phone screen large enough to see but still be portable.
Automotive equipment is no different – we see it in almost everything but particularly in the price to quality or functionality ratio.
Interequip says the Bulletpro oil drainer takes a sensible approach to the simple task of carrying and disposing of waste oil.
With a 70-litre tank and the ability to suck out oil from power steering reservoirs, brake master cylinders and auto transmissions, Interequip says it is an exceptionally good performer in the value stakes.
Further, it says that the Oil Drainer is available at far less than you might think, with the Super70L only $249 including GST and the SuperDrain90L only $435 including GST (excluding freight.)
Oil Drainer – key details:
• Model: Super70L/SuperDrain90L
• Tank capacity: 70 litre/90 litre
• Collection bowl capacity: 10 Litre/15 litre
• Extract pressure: 8-10 bar/6-7 bar
• Empty pressure: 0.8 bar/0.5-1 bar
• Oil temperature range: 60~100 ⁰C / 70~80 ⁰C

For more information, visit www.interequip.com.au or www.ie.tools or contact Interequip on 18000EQUIP (1800 037 847).