Available from Shinn Fu Australia

The Omega Pro Fully Automatic Automotive Battery Charger is made for professional workshops which need a versatile 12 Volt car battery charger.
The Omega Pro Fully Automatic Automotive Battery Charger also provides extra value with built-in alternator check, battery tester and maintenance; to help promote a longer-lasting battery lifespan; alongside several safety features including overcharge and overheat protection, spark-free terminal clamps and short-circuit protection; meeting the AS/NZS 3350.2.29:2001 safety standards.
With the INTEC POWER XT3 microprocessor, the charger delivers pulsating charging current throughout the eight charging stages:

  1. Analysis – checks the batteries condition.
  2. Soft Start – to prevent damaging the plates from sudden change in voltage.
  3. Bulk Charge – the charging rate is at full power of the set Amps.
  4. Absorption – to slowly top up the battery and fully saturate it.
  5. Equalisation – a controlled overcharge to remove sulfate crystals.
  6. Dynamic Analysis – performs test to determine the battery’s health.
  7. Reflash – helps improve battery condition if the previous stage detects poor health.
  8. Auto Maintenance – dispenses a float charge to keep batteries in fully saturated charge and optimum condition.

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