Driving high performance vehicles forward

High torque applications such as superchargers on drag cars and high-performance motorcycle drives demand a high-performance product which is where Optibelt says its Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon timing belt excels.
The Optibelt Delta Chain timing belt can reportedly provide 100 percent power transmission compared to high performance rubber timing belts.
The polyurethane construction combined with the carbon fibre cords of the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon delivers a product that is resistant to contamination by water, a wide range of chemicals, oils and fluids.
At the same time, the wear resistant red bonded fabric increases the sheer strength of the teeth meaning that constant and fast acceleration is possible, making the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon the perfect partner in style and high-end performance, says Optibelt.

Driving development for Australia’s first designed and built performance electric motorcycles
Savic Motorcycles says it is the first in Australia to design and build high performance electric motorcycles. These exceptional motorcycles required an exceptional drive and for this Savic says it called on the engineering expertise of international leading drive belt manufacturer Optibelt, who specified the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon timing belt for this application.
Compared with a roller chain drive, Optibelt Delta Chain carbon timing belts are cleaner, lighted, smoother and quieter and require no adjustments resulting in less maintenance and a longer life cycle. All these qualities were essential when designing a drive system for these high-performance motorcycles.
The man behind the Savic Motorcycles is 28-year-old engineer, Dennis Savic, who together with a rapidly growing team, has developed three different specifications of their electric motorcycles, the C-Series.
This follows the launch of their concept prototype at the 2018 Australian Motorcycle Expo, their second-generation prototype in November 2019 and the production prototype in 2020.
The motorcycle prototypes are all direct drive to the rear wheel where the in-house designed rear wheel pulley has three spokes which line up perfectly with the spokes of the rear rim, which is also designed and developed by Savic and his team. The belt width running on the motorcycles is 36mm which is the widest belt in the EV market according to Savic principal, Dennis Savic.
The range offered now comprises three models being the Alpha fitted with an 11kWh battery for a 200 km range; the Delta with a 9kWh battery offering a range of 150km; and the commute-focused Omega with a modest range of 120km. All are reputedly competitively priced, starting from approximately $12,990 AUD.
With the prototypes now virtually complete, compliance testing underway and the first production run of 50 motorcycles all pre-ordered, the team expect to commence production by mid-2022.

For more information, visit www.optibelt.com