Opus IVS OEM-Trained Master Technicians support customers in the automotive aftermarket via the IVS 360 diagnostic support service delivered from Opus IVS’ Head office in Oxford in the United Kingdom.
Using the DrivePro’s market leading diagnostic software and extensive product knowledge, the IVS 360 team identifies the cause and steps needed to fix vehicle faults.
IVS 360 provides technicians with the confidence to repair the most complex vehicles fast with live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians.
Opus IVS’ experts remote in real time directly to vehicle communication systems to diagnose, program and calibrate vehicles.
It says this eliminates uncertainty, giving workshops the confidence to get the most complex vehicles back on the road safely and fast. 
Globally, the IVS team provides essential diagnostic support to thousands of customers, with the aim of improving efficiency and profitability in their workshops.
Diagnostic support cases range across a wide range of vehicle brands and are managed through the OEM-Trained Master Technicians who are experienced brand specialists.
A recent IVS 360 case involved a Peugeot 2008 model year. The vehicle’s air conditioning was inoperable as was the air conditioning compressor. The IVS 360 Master Technicians supported the customer with the following advice:

Affected Vehicles:
• Peugeot – All models (2005 – 2021) | Models where the Under Bonnet Fuse Box controls feed and earth to the Air Con Compressor
• Citroen – All Models (2005 – 2021) | Models where the Under Bonnet Fuse Box controls feed and earth to the Air Con Compressor

The technician ran a vehicle scan using his DrivePro device and found the following DTCs:
• B994 (0994) Air conditioning compressor clutch control fault: Short circuit to earth Body Control Module – BSI
• B995 (0995) Air conditioning compressor displacement control fault: Short circuit to earth Body Control Module – BSI

The technician accessed the IVS 360 live diagnostic support service from Opus IVS directly via his device for support and repair guidance. The technician explained to the IVS 360 team that alongside the inoperable air conditioning unit, the vehicle was also displaying various other symptoms. These included:

  1. Air Conditioning inoperable.
  2. Air Conditioning Compressor inoperable.
  3. No feed to Air Con Compressor Clutch.
  4. No / or bad earth to Air Con Compressor Clutch.
  5. Varying supply voltage to the Air Con Compressor Clutch.

Possible Causes
The IVS 360 team explained that the symptoms displayed were an indicator that there could be some faulty wiring between the under bonnet fuse box and the Aircon Compressor.
They also suggested that these symptoms could be caused by a;

  1. Faulty under bonnet fuse box.
  2. Bad earth to the Aircon Compressor.
  3. Varying supply voltage to Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch.

Repair Steps
After identifying the possible causes for the fault, the IVS 360 team took the technician through some necessary steps to pinpoint the correct cause of the fault so he could conduct the necessary repairs.
The steps provided included:

  1. Checking for signs of water ingress to under Bonnet Fuse Box. The technician was advised to replace the under-bonnet fuse box if there were any signs of water damage.
  2. Using the manufacturers’ wiring information, the technician was advised they should also check the wiring from under bonnet fuse box to Air Con Compressor Clutch and to repair any high resistances, or incorrect voltages.

The IVS 360 team advised that Air Con Compressor Clutch supply voltage from under bonnet fuse box varies from 4v to 14v. This is normally caused by a bad earth to the Compressor and / or Under Bonnet Fuse Box.

After carrying out the provided checks, the technician found signs of water ingress and therefore replaced the under-bonnet fuse box. After replacing the unit all symptoms were resolved and the vehicle was returned to the customer.

Tools Required:
Multi Meter

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