Opus IVS master technicians recently supported a customer with a BMW E6x that was ‘running rough’

Opus IVS OE-Certified Master Technicians support customers in the automotive aftermarket via its IVS 360 diagnostic to workshops and technicians globally.
Using the DrivePro’s market leading diagnostic software and extensive product knowledge, the IVS 360 team identifies the cause and steps needed to fix vehicle faults.
Opus IVS says IVS 360 provides technicians with the confidence to repair the most complex vehicles fast with live repair guidance from OEM Brand-Specific Master Technicians.
Opus IVS’ experts access remotely in real time directly to vehicle communication systems to diagnose, program and calibrate vehicles. It says this eliminates the uncertainty, giving workshops the confidence to get the most complex vehicles back on the road safely and fast. 
Globally, the IVS team provides essential diagnostic support to thousands of customers like G&R Autos, with the aim of improving efficiency and profitability in their workshops.
“I am over the moon with the DrivePro and the level of support that the Opus IVS team provide my business through their IVS 360 diagnostic support service. The service and the device is an excellent asset to G&R Autos,” G&R Autos Owner, Greg Howard, said.
Diagnostic support cases range across a wide range of vehicle brands and are managed through the OEM-Trained Master Technicians who are experienced brand specialists.
A recent IVS 360 case involved a BMW E6x, which displayed an Engine Oil Pressure and Engine Warning lights on the instrument panel cluster. The vehicle was also reported to have a noisy engine on start-up/when running. The IVS 360 team supported the customer with the following advice:

Makes/models affected: BMW E6x (2002 – 2017), E8x (2002 – 2017) and E9x (2005 – 2017). Additional Information: Affects N43 petrol engines.

Issue: Warning lights on instrument panel cluster and engine is noisy on start-up and when running.


  1. Engine Oil Pressure warning light on.
  2. Engine warning light on.
  3. Engine rough running / noisy.

Fault codes presented: 30C1 – Engine oil pressure control when engine static DME – ENGINE ECU

The Repair:

  1. Oil check – check and correct the engine oil level.
  2. Quick Test – carry out a quick test using your Opus IVS diagnostic tool.
  3. Check the oil filter – if the fault code 30C1 is stored and present, please check and make sure the oil filter has not twisted and broken up inside the oil filter housing. If the oil filter is broken/twisted replace it and re-test. In this example the customer replaced the filter, retested and the fault was repaired. However, the IVS 360 team provided further guidance on what to do if this happened and the fault remained after the filter replacement.
  4. Oil filter OK, or fault still present? If the oil filter is OK, or the fault is still present after replacement, you will need to check the oil pressure. You can do this with the DrivePro in DME >> Diagnosis requests >> Motor operating values >> Oil pressure. Make sure the engine is at the correct operating temperature. The oil pressure should be a minimum of 1.5 Bar at idle, at operating temperature and 2.2-3.0 bar during controlled pressure at operating temperature. It is advised to check the oil pressure with an external pressure gauge. This is done by using the special tools that BMW provide to carry this task out (11 9 240, 13 3 061, 13 3 063). This will give you the live readings for the oil pressure so you can compare to the sensor reading to eliminate a faulty sensor.

Tools required: Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Power Probe/Activation Tool, BMW Oil Pressure testing kit (11 9 240), BMW Oil Pressure testing kit (13 3 061), and BMW Oil Pressure testing kit (13 3 063).

Parts required: Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Oil Pressure Switch, Oil Pressure Control Valve, Timing Chain, Guides and Fixings, Oil Pump, and Sump Gasket.

For more information on Opus IVS diagnostic and support solutions please contact Opus IVS via sales-au@opusivs.com or www.opusivs-au.com/aaaa-contact