Opus IVS master technicians recently supported a customer with a Volvo Cruise Control Failure and Clutch Pedal Sensor Fault

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Workshops globally rely on Opus IVS diagnostic solutions to repair vehicle systems confidently. Auditechnik is just one workshop to use IVS 360.
“I recently had a customer’s Volkswagen in the workshop – it was losing comms with the engine. I spoke to Lawrence Ward via IVS 360 who took me through some step-by-step checks to help me identify that I had a corrupt ECU that needed replacing. Using IVS 360 and Lawrence’s expert guidance, I was able to fix this fault quickly and get the car back to my customer in good time,” Auditechnik’s Ian Sutton said.
The IVS 360 team recently supported a customer with a 2004 Volvo C70. The cruise control was reported as inoperable, and a clutch pedal sensor fault code was also recorded. The team identified the cause and steps needed to fix the problem as follows:

Make: Volvo

Models affected: C70 (2001 – 2004); S60 (2001 – 2004); S80 (2001 – 2004) and V70 (2001 – 2004).


  1. Cruise control may not function.
  2. Fault codes for the clutch pedal position sensor.

Fault codes:

  • 9300 – Clutch pedal position sensor, faulty signal. Signal too high. Permanent fault Engine Control Module – ECM.
  • 928C – Cruise control lever. Signal too low. Permanent fault Engine Control Module – ECM.

Possible causes: Clutch pedal position sensor may be faulty and need replacing.

Repairing the fault: the following steps were provided to the customer:

  1. Remove the driver’s side dash undertray.
  2. Inspect position sensor for clutch fluid contamination.
  3. Connect your Opus IVS device.
  4. Go to Drive.
  5. Select dynamic data values, brake/clutch pedals.
  6. Check the clutch pedal position sensor values. When the clutch is completely released, the value is approximately 60-70 percent. The value decreases when the clutch pedal is depressed.
  7. If the values are lower than 9.0 percent for longer than 0.16 seconds, or higher than 79.7 percent for longer than 0.16 seconds, replace the clutch pedal position sensor.

Parts Required: Clutch position sensor (9472979).

IVS 360 is included with the DrivePro Elite Diagnostic Kit Multi-Brand Diagnostic Solution. It includes unlimited support with no support request limits and unlimited access for workshops. Support is offered on-demand and allows users to save time with no more sending jobs to dealers or wasting time on google required.

For more information on Opus IVS diagnostic solutions and IVS 360, please visit www.opusivs-au.com or contact Opus IVS on 03 8561 7600 or sales-au@opusivs.com