Simoniz was founded in 1910

Filpro Automotive brings Simoniz to the Australian market, with an offering to clean and protect paintwork, wheels, interiors and more.
Filpro explains that Simoniz was founded in 1910 and has been taking care of cars for over 100 years.
The Simoniz brand was founded by George Simons and Elmer Rich in the United States when they launched a cleaner and carnauba wax to help car owners protect their paintwork and is now the oldest car care brand in the United States.
Filpro says the carnauba wax and its small gold tin would later become an icon and an industry benchmark for long lasting protection and brilliant shine. Simoniz Original Wax has been verified for its quality from Auto Express, receiving the Auto Express four star 2018 award.
Hand in hand with shining brilliance, Filpro explains that Simoniz became part of the language when in the 1930s the word simonize was added to the dictionary, as a verb, meaning “to shine or polish to a high sheen.”
Today, Filpro says Simoniz tests its products for more than 2,000 hours, with 18 scientists using 58 methods, to deliver the quality that Simoniz is known and loved for.
Filpro believes that the expansive Simoniz range is the perfect choice for valeting, with a quality that is trusted by professionals to provide market leading performance every time.
Filpro Automotive invites re-sellers nationwide to explore the Simoniz range that keeps car interiors and exteriors clean, protected and shining like new.

For more information, visit www.filpro.com.au or contact Filpro Automotive on 0400 878 837 or arossiter@filpro.com.au