Responsive Engineering says its Diesel Water Watch aftermarket separator trap can help

Diesel fuel contamination is one of the more expensive issues of Common Rail Diesel vehicles in Australia and often people think that means dirty fuel – but that is not the case, says Responsive Engineering. Instead, it says water in diesel fuel is the main cause of contaminated fuel damage.
Responsive Engineering explains that advanced factory fitted fuel filters are capable of removing particles in the fuel that could cause damage, but Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) fuel filters are a sedimentation or coalescent type that merge free water into larger droplets, which then drops out of the fuel into a water trap at the bottom of the filter.
It says these filters are often overwhelmed and are unable to trap water at the high flow rates experienced in a CRD system (ie 60 Litres/hr for a typical three litre diesel). 
Water of course should not be present in diesel fuel. However, it is difficult for fuel outlets in Australia to ensure the diesel fuel is free of water. When a tanker delivers a fuel load to the service station, water at the bottom of the storage tank gets stirred up, mixing with the diesel fuel and allowing water to be pumped into your fuel tank-sometimes many litres of water.   
So why is water in diesel such an issue? Water in your high pressure and high temperature diesel will very quickly rust all metal components within the fuel system. Rust particles are very abrasive and destroy the common rail, injector nozzles and fuel pump; also diesel systems circulate fuel which returns to the tank. Rust can therefore return to the incoming fuel. 
Responsive Engineering says you should not fall for the trap of installing additional filters to your diesel fuel system as this may place excessive restriction on the pump suction, with a resultant effect on performance and due to the high fuel flow rate, does not catch all the water.

It says its Diesel Water Watch is a precision aftermarket separator trap that does not rely on any filter medium to remove water and particles from the diesel fuel; instead using a diffuser to separate and remove any water and particles heavier than diesel. 
The electronic sensor in the Diesel Water Watch is able to detect water whether it is present as free water, dispersed or emulsified water by measuring the electrical resistance within the fuel.
Water Watch is an Australian invention, manufactured in Australia and it can detect very small quantities of water present in the fuel flow before it enters the OEM filter.
Responsive Engineering explains that Water Watch alerts the driver of water present in the vehicle’s fuel by a recurring beep and a warning LED light. It is then an easy step to pull over, turn the engine off, drain the water, restart the engine and continue driving. It states Water Watch is not a filter and therefore won’t restrict fuel flow or pressure.

For more information, visit www.responsiveengineering.com.au