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In 2018, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) installed a firewall in their vehicles, known as the Secure Gateway (SGW). FCA covers Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and RAM branded vehicles.
Other manufacturers will soon be following suit, as an EU standard valid from 2020 now obliges manufacturers to protect their electronic systems from unauthorised access and tampering.
FCA’s SGW module prevents non-FCA authorised scan tools from communicating with vehicle systems, other than to read fault codes. To ensure your scan tool can navigate around this Firewall, your tool needs to be registered with FCA.
FCA says it has setup a “bridge server” and user management system called AutoAuth that mimics the user and tool authentication process that FCA certified dealerships use with the FCA scan tool. This solution allows the aftermarket scan tools with WiFi to unlock the SGW and perform all the necessary repair procedures.
FCA says all aftermarket scan tool companies that currently have an active scan tool license agreement with FCA have been contacted so they can be provided with this capability.
It explains that once the SGW is unlocked through the authentication process, the aftermarket scan tool has the same capabilities as they did on non SGW equipped FCA vehicles. The registration is done one time and there is a yearly subscription required. The number of vehicles you can service is unlimited.
To ensure access for your individual scan tool, contact your scan tool provider and ask them for the procedure for their scan tool to allow access to FCA vehicles with the SGW. Automotive Repairers Council of Australia Convener, Mike Smith, reports that Bosch has already built a token into its annual subscription and Snap-on also has new software to link to a subscription site.

For more information or assistance, email Mike Smith on msmith@aaaa.com.au