The Rescue Mate Onboard Jump Starter (RM800i) is an onboard jump-starting solution that minimises vehicle downtime

The Rescue Mate Onboard Jump Starter has widespread applications, including emergency service vehicles, business fleets, 4X4ers or even the everyday driver.
A dead or weak battery is one of the most common causes leading to vehicles becoming stranded.
The OzCharge Rescue Mate onboard jump starter ensures your car is equipped to combat flat batteries when they strike.
With one press of a button, you’re back on your way. The Rescue Mate provides you with ultimate peace of mind and ensures that you and your vehicle make it to the destination.
In other words, OzCharge says the Rescue Mate is your battery’s insurance policy, stating it is the number one safety product to consider for your new or current vehicle.
The Rescue Mate has been designed specifically to combat flat batteries and keep you safe out on the road.
The Rescue Mate is a permanently mounted power reserve, is completely isolated from the vehicle’s electrical system and cannot be drained flat by any of the vehicle’s accessories. The Rescue Mate’s power can only be utilised for starting.
The RM800i was released in 2018 for the Australian Emergency Services and as of 2019 is now available for purchase at a retail level.

Features include:
• Maintenance free
• Push button start
• 800 Amps of starting power
• Start up to 8.0L petrol and 5.0L diesel engines

The RM800i is the first jump-starting solution on the market that can be confidently and safely operated by any user, says OzCharge.
It integrates the jump-start procedure in a way that both looks and functions like a feature standard from factory. Simply engage the dash mounted jump-start button and the RM800i is now delivering the required power to start the vehicle.
Once the Rescue Mate is installed, there is no reliance placed upon the user. The vehicle’s alternator automatically maintains the Rescue Mate while the motor is running so that it’s always kept at full charge.
In fact, within just minutes of the engine running, the RM800i is fully charged, having been charged up via the vehicle’s alternator in two to three minutes.

Once fully charged, the RM800i completely isolates itself from the starting battery and is now ready to jumpstart when required.
Once charged and isolated, the RM800i will hold full charge for four to six months without the vehicle being operated.
This automatic recharging process via the alternator removes responsibility from drivers to manually recharge the jump starter (as required with portable jumper-packs).
OzCharge says that with zero maintenance and unparalleled reliability, the Rescue Mate Onboard is the smart solution to combat flat batteries and minimise vehicle downtime.
In the instance of a flat battery, the Rescue Mate will illuminate the dash mounted LED button.
Once the button is engaged, the Rescue Mate delivers the starting battery the required power to start the vehicle.
The entire starting process can be achieved without entering the engine or battery compartment and can be achieved without leaving the driver’s seat.
The Rescue Mate also removes the danger and confusion associated with jump-starting.
There are no jumper leads, no sparks and no mechanical knowledge required.
There is no requirement to connect clamps and no exposed power or sparks – simply press the LED start button and you’re back on your way.
As such, the Rescue Mate is the effortless jump-starting solution that all users can safely and confidently operate, says OzCharge.
Australian Emergency Services have opted for the fitment of the OzCharge Rescue Mate onboard jump-starter as standard equipment in their fleet.
The Rescue Mate is perfect for vehicles and vessels that are required to run additional electrical accessories.
With zero maintenance and unrivaled reliability, OzCharge says the Rescue Mate is the smart solution to combat flat batteries and ensure you get to your destination.

What’s in the box
• OzCharge RM800i Jump Starter
• Heavy-duty battery cables
• Start switch
• User guide and warranty information

The RM800i must be professionally installed to ensure proper mounting and wiring.
The OzCharge Rescue Mate has a two-year warranty and is available from all specialist 4X4 outlets and auto electricians.

For more information, call 03 9482 2203, email info@ozcharge.com.au or visit www.ozcharge.com.au