New from Burg Design

Checking your caravan or trailer lights/brakes for correct operation prior to a trip is a must-do.
Relying on your partner or neighbour to confirm that your tow car’s instructions have been relayed further rearwards means having a reliable person around when you hitch up. And if there is something wrong, you need to know what globe or wire to change.
Burg Design says there is now a simple Wireless Trailer Lights and Electric Brake Tester available to check out all your connections before you hit the road.
Marketed in Australia by Burg Design, the Parksafe tester comes packed in a strong and compact plastic box that you can slip into your tow car or a cupboard in your van so you can repeat the checks during a trip.
The unit itself consists of a small aluminium ECU box containing a 240v rechargeable battery, with a wiring harness connected to a standard 12-pin trailer plug. An adapter harness to allow connection of a round seven-pin plug is included in the kit.
To use, you simply connect the unit to your trailer’s plug, switch it on via the illuminated button, and then use the supplied remote control unit to check the activation of its lights via the numbered button on the remote.
This allows you to check that your caravan or trailer has been wired correctly as per standard electrical practices and a coloured chart is also supplied to confirm the standard wiring.
The Parksafe, which is designed and made in Australia, comes with a 12-month local warranty and support.

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