An “essential” 4 x 4 driving instrument

Burg Design says the ParkSafe Multifunctional digital information display is a must have accessory for increased driving safety.
Burg Design explains this unique driving instrument features a bright and clear illuminated digital colour display screen displaying important information such as battery voltage, elevation, altitude, pitch, roll, an electronic compass, an adjustable speed and over speed meter with alert warning buzzer, a thermometer, and electronic clock.
It also boasts auto screen brightness, adjustable volume and GPS data collection.
All of this comes in a smart looking instrument that is designed to be easily mounted permanently in a suitable position on the top of the dashboard and secured in place with the 3M backing tape provided. Burg Design says installation is almost ‘plug and play.’
The product is 15.5cm wide, 6.5cm deep and 4.4cm high and uses DC10-30V power. It is protected by a 24-month warranty.
Alongside the ParkSafe Multifunctional Digital Information Display, Burg Design also offers a wide array of other products.

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