High performance commercial vehicle camera systems  

It was not so many years ago that commercial vehicle owners would never have considered installing wireless camera systems on their vehicles due to low product quality and unstable operation resulting in interference and too often very poor picture quality. 
Burg Design says now that has all changed and in the years to come this very essential safety feature will become the must have for all commercial vehicles just like it has on passenger vehicles. 
It says it is proud to introduce the new PARKSAFE Wireless AHD Digital Camera Systems for commercial vehicles with many advanced features and benefits such as:
• Full High-Definition AHD Monitor with crystal clear images and high performance long range 2.4GHz digital wireless receiver. 
• Heavy Duty AHD infrared night vision 2.4GHZ Digital Cameras with long range transmitters for safety when reversing. They can also be side mounted for blind spot turning. 
• The cameras have a 110-degree view angle and guidelines that are switchable on/off via the monitor menu.
• Installation is fast and easy and it only takes a fraction of the time it would usually take to fit up a fully hard wired in system, thus saving time and money.
You can choose from the compact size 5” or 7” screen size monitors and both models come with single or split screen images.
The system comes with a two-year warranty.

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