Then Liqui Moly says you should choose its products

German oil brand Liqui Moly is well known to mechanics and the brand says it is now looking forward to being even more active across the Australian automotive and workshop scene.

Following its entry into the Australian market this month, the local team for Liqui Moly says they are aiming to boost investment in the brand and provide more products which customers and car enthusiasts love and trust.

Prior to the launch of Liqui Moly Australia, Liqui Moly products were distributed locally through the company’s exclusive import partner, MotorActive.

MotorActive, being a multi-brand importer, distributor and marketer, partnered with Liqui Moly for a number of years to grow selection and establish supply of Liqui Moly in Australia.

“However, based on our customer’s feedback we realised that we outgrew this structure and needed to do more ourselves,” Liqui Moly Australia Managing Director, Mark Johnson, said.

“Giving workshops exactly what they want and need is our aim, both in terms of accessing our extensive product catalogue and receiving Liqui Moly specific expert-level customer service. This is what prompted our expansion and direct investment in Australia.

“We pride ourselves in only selling premium – being able to offer the right oil for practically every car. Our specialty is being able to supply a complete range of oils for late model European vehicles.

“We now look forward to soon making many of our 4,000 products locally available.

“Along with a wide variety of newly formulated motor oils and additives, we also have a vast range of automotive chemicals, like service products, such as brake cleaner; car care products, polishes; greases, pastes; and underbody protection.

“You can continue to order Liqui Moly through our partner network for supply same day. Well known spare parts resellers HSY and Imparts carry a large selection of Liqui Moly products, along with a wide selection of complementary high-quality spares and premium brands.

“We also provide advice on oils and additives to workshops which service late model European vehicles, supporting independent workshops with the latest technical and application insights and information.

“Liqui Moly is well known as a family owned business and Germany’s most popular motor oil. Aussies are well known to question and demand quality.

“Liqui Moly ensures all markets receive the same Made in Germany product that our home market receives. We do this by developing and producing our entire range in Germany.”

For more information, call Liqui Moly Australia on 1300 318 961.