More than 10,000 product lines are offered across 50 product categories

Based on the latest vehicle technologies, EFI and Engine Management specialist Premier Auto Trade says it has recently added many new products to its comprehensive range of replacement components.
As vehicle engine management systems now require much more sophistication in sensing and control, the Aftermarket relies more than ever on reliable replacement sensors and components.
As part of this market and technology direction, PAT says it has developed the most extensive range of Fuel, Ignition, Emission and Sensor components over the last 25 years, including more than 10,000 product lines in 50 product categories.
Premier Auto Trade has recently added Mechanical Fuel Pumps to its Fuel range, which now has more than 800 Fuel Pump part numbers. The Emissions range has grown to include more than 800 Oxygen Sensor and Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors, and the EGR Valve offering now covers more than 100 parts with over 90 percent vehicle coverage.
The expanded PAT Stop Light Switch and Sensors range now covers over 95 percent of vehicles in Australia, with more than 120 part numbers, and the Idle Speed Control program now covers four million vehicle applications in Australia, with over 145 part numbers. There is also more than 600 CAS and CAM Sensors and 550 Ignition Coils available.
The Wheel Speed Sensor program from PAT is now the largest in the Australian Aftermarket and includes over 330 parts, featuring Direct OE replacement sensors, equipped with the correct plugs, wire sheathing and mounting brackets for faster, easier installation.
The Premier Auto Trade range also includes Exhaust Pressure Sensors, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Accelerator Pedal Sensors, Electric Valve Solenoids, Variable Cam Actuators and Intake Control Valves.
Premier Auto Trade’s Premium Range specialises in Original equipment (OE) products from the world’s leading manufacturers including Bosch, Delphi, Pierburg, Hitachi, Denso, TI Automotive, Walbro, Hella, BMC Air Filter, TE Automotive, Airtex, NTK, VDO, Bremi, Valeo, Walker Products and Intermotor.
Premier Auto Trade distributes products throughout Australia via a network of specialised resellers and leading automotive groups.

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