The full range is now available via a network of specialised resellers and leading automotive groups

Premier Auto Trade has expanded the ICON Series range of aftermarket products to now offer more than 1,600 parts across its Fuel, Ignition, Emission and Sensors categories.
In the Sensors category PAT has introduced several new lines including more than 100 Wheel Speed Sensors (WSS) and almost 50 Crank Angle Sensors (CAS), along with many new Power Steering Switches (PSS), all of which feature OE form, fit and function.
The electric and mechanical fuel pump range also continues to grow and includes a range of Universal in-tank and external fuel pump kits.
Fuel pumps and modules in the ICON Series are direct fit replacement kits and come with replacement fuel strainers to ensure the correct fitting of the pump into the fuel tank or swirl pot, making installation easy while ensuring correct pump operation.
The PAT Fuel category now also includes over 50 fuel injectors (INJ).
The new ICON Series Hose Clamp range offers a variety of clamp types and materials including Perforated, Fuel Hose, Nut and Bolt, CV Boot, Solid Band, Spring Loaded, T-Bolt, P Type, Ear Type, Quick release, Multi-purpose and Universal Band – just to name a few.
The ICON Series Hose range now includes Intank Submersible Hose (ITS) along with Fuel and Emission Hose, Fuel Injection Hose, Transmission Cooler Hose, Power Brake Vacuum Hose, and Power Steering Hose.
ICON Series Hose is available in a range of sizes conveniently packaged in five metre pull-packs, with a colour coded product identification system for ease of identification, storage, and dispensing.
ICON Series Hose is also meter marked, making accurate measurement and cutting at the point of sale, or in the workshop, fast and easy.
The ICON Series Ignition category now features over 300 Ignition Coils and Ignition Modules, while the Emission category has also been further developed with over 20 new Air Mass Meters (AFM) now offered in the range.
The ICON Series is an extensive offering representing Premier Auto Trade’s heritage in quality automotive products and is covered by a two-year 40,000km warranty. All products in the range are now listed in the OSCAR electronic aftermarket parts catalogue system from AutoInfo, including reference images for easy identification.
The full range of Premier Auto Trade ICON Series products are now available in the aftermarket via a network of specialised resellers and leading automotive groups.
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