It is reportedly now the largest range of performance injectors in the country

The Premier Auto Trade (PAT) Performance Fuel Injector range, from industry leaders Bosch, Siemens and Denso, has further expanded.
PAT says it now has the largest range of performance injectors in Australia, offering 45 different injectors ranging from 267cc to 2433cc, including 12 only available from PAT.
Raceworks injectors all start off as a genuine Bosch EV14 injector. PAT explains they are all compatible with and warranted for use with Gasoline, Ethanol and Methanol/Alcohol based fuels, for two years.
Some injectors are modified physically for fitment in particular applications. For example, lower O-ring retainers swapped for square-section seals; and injector uppers turned down to accept buffer seals and 11mm O-rings instead of 14mm.
This allows fitment on certain engines such as Honda F20C, Mazda 13BT, Mitsubishi 4G63, Nissan RB26DETT, Subaru EJ25, Toyota 1JZ-GTE and many more.
These physical modifications allow the injectors to be direct-fit, negating the need for extensions, and in some cases electrical plug adapters.
Other Raceworks Injectors are modified for increased flow. Various organisations commonly do this by ‘de-capping’ the injectors.
Almost all Bosch EV14 injectors have a cap on the nozzle that is laser welded. This cap controls flow, assisting Bosch in reducing flow variance, and determines spray pattern.
A nozzle may have multiple holes drilled on precise angles, to give a desired spray pattern, commonly a cone with a particular spray width and angle.
By removing this the flow of the injector is significantly increased, which leads to a larger flow variance and reduction in the quality of the spray pattern.
PAT explains that Raceworks injectors are de-capped but are taken one step further, and the remaining single hole/pintle is precisely drilled to restore the spray pattern quality and width.
All Raceworks injectors are statically and dynamically flow matched. This is done to accurately replicate their operating conditions in a vehicle.
The n-Heptane test fluid is temperature controlled, and the injectors are preconditioned with 10,000 pulses, before being statically flowed at three different fuel pressures.
They are then dynamically flowed at the same three fuel pressures, but with 25 different pulse widths.
The injectors are also flowed at 10 different voltages, from 6V-15V respectively. PAT says what is most important is the set of injectors aren’t pulsed at the same time, as is the case with many inferior Injector Flow Benches.
Pulsing at the same time causes a pressure differential through the rail and isn’t an accurate representation of their true firing order, it says.
Raceworks Injectors are sold with detailed data, specific to that set of injectors. This data contains slope vs pressure information, as well as a voltage offset table, also known as dead times. Plug and Play data is also available for Ford and GM applications, for use with factory ECMs.
Using physical modifications, precise flow matching and in-depth data, PAT says Raceworks offer superior performance injectors, complementing the range of other Bosch, Siemens and Denso injectors available from Premier Auto Trade.
PAT’s in-house support staff are trained to advise what accessories are required to make the upgrade injectors work with any vehicle/engine that uses Port Injection.
The full range of Premier Auto Trade Racing and Performance Products including Raceworks is now available via a network of Specialised Resellers and Authorised Dealers.

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