The SportsRyder two-piece Brake Rotor Upgrade is now available for the Mustang from Pedders

Pedders says it is extremely excited to add a new SportsRyder two-piece brake rotor upgrade to its extensive range of Ford Mustang performance parts.
While they appear stylish, these two-piece rotors are highly functional, offering a weight reduction of approximately eight kilograms over the standard equipment.
Pedders says the resulting reduction in unsprung mass helps improve the vehicle’s suspension control, handling performance and braking efficiency.
Another benefit of the SportsRyder brake rotor over its OEM equivalent is temperature control.
Pedders explains that the two-piece rotor design allows for increased air flow around the disc which helps to keep the braking components cooler during performance driving and heavy braking situations.
The discs are also marked with Thermographic Temperature monitoring tabs which will track the discs’ peak operating temperatures over the lifespan of the rotor.
Pedders’ SportsRyder two-piece rotors are also slotted and dimpled to help remove brake dust and dissipate heat.
Pedders offers the Mustang SportsRyder Brake Rotors for both the front and rear of the vehicle, providing a complete brake system upgrade.
Pedders recommends coupling the upgraded rotors with high performance SportsRyder Kevlar Ceramic Brake Pads and braided brake lines for maximum braking efficiency.
The Pedders SportsRyder Ford Mustang two-piece brake rotor upgrade has been thoroughly engineered and tested by our team of brake, steering and suspension specialists.
The rotors have a high carbon construction for maximum durability, and they have been designed as a straight bolt-on replacement part.
As with all Pedders products, these Ford Mustang brake rotors are backed by Pedders’ two-year, 40,000km nationwide warranty.

Key features and benefits:
• Two-piece slotted and dimpled rotors to remove dust and dissipate heat
• Reduced weight compared to OEM Rotors (approximately eight kilogram weight saving over OEM)
• Thermographic temperature monitoring indicating peak braking temperature
• Increased airflow to keep components cooler
• High carbon construction for increased durability
• Straight bolt on fitment
• Sold Individually
• Two-year/40,000km nationwide warranty

To suit Ford Mustang FM and FN (2015-onwards):
• Part# 6160087TPL
• Part# 6160087TPR
• Part# 6160088TPL
• Part# 6160088TPR

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