For ute drivers and fleet owners, braking performance under load and excess weight can create a safety issue

Pedders says its rear disc brake conversion kits provide ‘simply epic’ braking performance; with independent testing showing a 34 percent improvement in braking efficiency under heavy GVM load.
This “must have” upgrade braking kit is offered both in the Australian and International marketplace for Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT-50 and Toyota Tacoma.
For ute drivers and fleet owners, braking performance under excess load and weight can create a safety issue. With Pedders’ rear drum to disc conversion kits, the braking performance is reportedly significantly improved.
Pedders claims that often it finds that with suspension upgrades comes the need for brake upgrades, especially for vehicles that carry and/or tow loads.
The kits are available from more than 120 Pedders outlets Australia-wide and also from Pedders’ export partners.
While most people think of performance as being related to speed orientated modifications, Pedders believes performance gains can also be made in stopping performance, which is exactly what it says this product achieves.
The innovative product design uses kevlar ceramic high tech formulated brake pads for extra stopping power and has the added value benefit of low dust. Of particular interest is the performance of the kit when fitted to a Toyota Hilux Generation 8 model. Pedders reports a reduction in stopping distance of up to 34 percent, which represents a huge difference when compared to original equipment and could save lives.

Key features and benefits:
• Easy inspection as the car owner does not have to remove the wheels to look at the disc brake system.
• Increased stopping power over drum brakes – there is a smaller pad area, but more clamping efficiency while brake pedal feel and modulation are improved.
• Completely self-adjusting disc brakes, with less moving parts.
• It takes longer for the disc brake to achieve brake fade, because it has a wider surface area directly exposed to air.
• Disc brakes drain water quickly whereas once water enters a drum brake, it stays there longer, hindering braking efficiency.
• Brake mounting is very easy with only two bolts needed to be removed to replace brake pads.
• Kit is inclusive of all of the necessary hardware, including a pair of Pedders TrakRyder Geomet coated and slotted disc brake rotors plus a set of rear TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic brake pads.
• ADR 35/05 compliant – extensive testing to support Australian design rule certification.
• Installation video supplied along with fitting instructions.
• Two-year/40,000km Nationwide Warranty.
Pedders states that each rear drum to disc conversion kit must be installed by a Pedders outlet or approved distributor.

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