Designed with the driving enthusiast in mind

Directly aimed at fulfilling the needs of car owners who wish to extract the most of their vehicle’s dynamics, Pedders SportsRyder products reportedly sharpen a vehicle’s handling characteristics with the result equating to improved road-handling, ride quality, traction, braking and control.

Coil Springs
Pedders SportsRyder coils are designed and engineered in Australia to the highest quality standards to deliver unrivalled performance, consistency and reliability. The coil springs are made of premium quality grade steel, are stress relieved, 100 percent quality inspected, loaded height and rate tested, powder coated and covered by a two-year/40,000km warranty.

Shock Absorbers
Pedders says it has built its reputation on the ability to fine tune shock valving for precision handling and ride control. It has a comprehensive range to meet the needs of all drivers and applications.
It explains that the gas-charged GSR SportsRyder shock range use tailored nitrogen gas pressure to enable precise control without compromising on ride comfort. Further, Gas SportsRyder sealed struts and cartridges are high performance, heavy duty replacement units which are said to deliver a new standard of comfort and road holding ability for today’s hi-tech vehicles.

Bushes and Wheel Alignment
Pedders says its urethane bushes make an ideal replacement, offering a high capacity to bear tension, compression and friction. They are also well suited to applications that require firm suspension control. Pedders recommends that while your vehicle is being fitted with Pedders’ urethane bushes, you also have the wheel alignment checked.

eXtreme XA
Pedders SportsRyder shock absorbers and struts combine the most advanced technology with Pedders’ renowned expertise in the fine tuning of damping rates for superior handling. It says at the forefront of sports suspension is the Pedders eXtreme XA height adjustable coil-over. This coil over features a 30 position adjustable bump and rebound damping setting at the click of a button.

SuperCar Coilover Kit
Pedders says its SportsRyder Supercar Adjustable Coilover Kit offers eXtreme ride control for the hardcore enthusiast and are the most advanced solution for your Holden VT to VE Commodore and Ford BA to FG Falcon sedans. The separate bump and rebound adjustment allows the driver to dial in the “setup” of the cars handling balance and the full height adjustment from the base mounts maintains bump and droop travel on all four corners.

Pedders Slotted and Geomet Coated Disc Brake Rotors
With a curved slotted design which offers improved performance, endurance and heat dissipation, Pedders says these brake rotors are the premium upgrade or replacement solution for your vehicle. They are made from the highest grade raw materials while the geomet coating provides better anti-corrosion protection.

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