The ideal way to capture vehicle weight

Vehicle weight from accessories, cargo load and towing represents a significant factor in the safety and performance of your vehicle.
Pedders says that is why it developed its “world-first” Weight Matrix software to assist in understanding your vehicle weight, each of your tow and load “scenarios” and most importantly, the critical impacts of weight.
Pedders says the software is the ideal way to capture vehicle weight, with the free service providing users with a detailed vehicle weight report at no cost.
The Pedders Weight Matrix has also recently gone through a number of upgrades to make it more user friendly and has also been updated with additional vehicle weight data in line with new vehicle model releases.

To use the Pedders Weight Matrix, select your common tow and load vehicle from the drop-down menus.
You will then be guided through a wizard to “add weight” to your vehicle, via a series of common accessories, loads and towing items.
Following this process, you will be presented with a four-part report highlighting your load, your remaining capacity, your weight shift and your additional braking distance – all referenced to original base weights for your vehicle.
Pedders notes that the Pedders Weight Matrix is to be used as a guide only and in some instances uses assumptions or estimates to provide information that is as accurate as possible.
For exact vehicle weight and a greater level of detail, expert advice and solutions, Pedders invites you to contact your local participating Pedders Outlet to book your vehicle in for a Pedders Tow and Load Assessment.

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