Penrite says its range of products is expanding constantly

Penrite says that while its brand has been synonymous with the production of high quality engine oils for over 90 years, you may be surprised with the width and breath of the entire Penrite range that is now available.
“Since the early ‘80s Penrite has been broadening its range of quality engine oils to start with, then we branched out into coolants, additives and now even car care and maintenance. The future is very exciting,” Penrite Oil General Manager, Toby Dymond, said.
The extensive engine oil range boasts seven brands including the iconic HPR brand; the low SAPS Enviro + brand; the Classic brand; and the brand proving itself on the V8 Supercar track, the 10 Tenths brand.
The 10 Tenths brand is one of the only lubricants used in the V8 Supercar series that is available on the shelf of all good retailers for you to use in your everyday drive or competition vehicle.
The range of Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF), Manual Gear and Differential products and Powering steering and suspension fluids include the NEW CVT – Low Viscosity ATF, the PRO GEAR, used by Erebus Motorsport and is available in the innovative Enviro Box packaging.
Penrite’s OEM approved Seven Year Green, Seven Year Blue and Eight Year Red coolants are available in both concentrate and premix form in a variety of sizes from 1 Litre to 1000 Litre including in the new Penrite Enviro Box 20 Litre packaging that Penrite says reduces land fill by as much as 85 percent.
Penrite’s Additive and Fuel Treatment category has also grown extensively with the introduction of Racing Zinc Top Treat, Petrol and Diesel Fuel Stabiliser and Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment.
Launched this month, Shift Eze full synthetic gear box and differential additive improves cold change performance, reduces friction and wear and smoothens and improves gear changes.

The Car Care and Maintenance range is continually growing and now includes: Instant Car Wash, Shine Detailer, Insect Remover, Odour Eliminator, Dash Protectant and Tyre Shine just to name a few.
The Maintenance range boasts P26 Multipurpose MoS2 Lubricant, Multipurpose Degreaser, Throttle Body and Carb Cleaner, Brake and Parts Cleaner amongst many of the high quality workshop focused products.
“Penrite is proving to be innovators, not just in Engine oils and coolants, but across a number of different ranges as well,” Toby said.
“The range of products available under the Penrite brand is expanding constantly to provide our customers with the highest quality ‘one stop shop’ offer.”

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