Driving reliability, economy and performance

In conjunction with its international technology partners, Penrite Oil continues to offer an impressive range of additives and fuel treatments to complement the high-quality lubricants for which the brand is renowned.
The company has been Australian-made and family-owned since 1926. Decades of experience with additives, lubricants and consumables has led to Penrite’s comprehensive additives and fuel treatments range, designed to improve performance and offer real benefits to consumers and workshops.
Engine Flush takes only ten minutes and the solvent-free formulation with added zinc enhances wear protection. When added to the oil prior to a change, it dissolves sludge and other contaminants, which then drain out of the engine with the oil. Unlike some other products, Penrite says Engine Flush does not contain aggressive solvents that may attack seals or leave residue to dilute the new oil. Engine Flush can be mixed with different base oil types and can be used in four stroke internal combustion engines including petrol, diesel and LPG engines. It is safe with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and catalytic converters.
Radiator Flush takes only seven minutes to clean scale, rust and engine deposits from a vehicle’s cooling system. Its alkaline formulation is compatible with all anti-freeze/anti-boil coolants and inhibitor packages including organic products. Compatible with all metals, rubber and water pump seals, Radiator Flush will improve cooling system circulation and performance.
Diesel Injector Cleaner is a multi-purpose diesel fuel treatment that combines an advanced set of additives to clean and protect diesel fuel system components. It works on the whole fuel delivery system including lubricating the fuel pumps, extending the life of the fuel system components. The exclusive technology in Diesel Injector Cleaner improves fuel economy by up to 2.5 percent, says Penrite.
Petrol Injector Cleaner is a multi-purpose petrol fuel treatment that is designed to clean fuel injectors and carburettors in one tank of fuel whilst protecting fuel system components. Its unique formulation improves fuel economy by up to 2.4 percent in unleaded and E10 fuel and provides for engine power increases of up to 2.6 percent. It is also compatible with catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.
Octane Booster is a fuel treatment designed to provide octane enhancement when used with either unleaded or Ethanol E10 based fuels. It increases the octane level by up to 2.5 RON when mixed with 50 litres of unleaded 91 (RON) octane petrol. This improves power and acceleration, prevents detonation damage and prevents engine “pinging” due to low octane fuel. It also keeps injectors and inlet valves clean.
Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment contains a combination of effective ingredients to clean, lubricate and protect fuel system components and improve fuel economy. It provides effective anti-corrosion properties and contains a demulsifier to separate water. This treatment contains a Biocide to kill microorganisms in diesel fuel and prevent their growth. 1L treats 2000L of fuel so is ideal for farm and marine fuel tanks.
Penblue is a fully licensed and registered AdBlue aqueous urea solution, 32.5 percent in weight (AUS32), mixed with demineralised water for use in diesel vehicles equipped with SCR Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) systems. Penblue is a clear solution, non-toxic and safe to handle. SCR systems require a continuous provision of a solution of Urea at 32.5 percent to operate correctly and to fulfil the requirements of emissions standards EURO 4 and EURO 5.
Valve Shield is a dual-purpose fuel additive treatment designed for vehicles that were designed for use with leaded fuel, and vehicles that run an LPG/Petrol dual fuel system. It protects against valve seat recession (VSR) whilst preventing intake deposit build-up. Valve Shield also acts as an upper cylinder lubricant for vehicles running on LPG and helps keep fuel tanks, lines, carburettors and injectors clean.
The Penrite additives and fuel treatments range also includes a series of stop leaks for engines, radiators, power steering and automatic transmissions, as well as fuel stabilisers, total system cleaners and a DPF cleaner. The range comes in 250ml, 375ml and 1L small packs. Selected products are also available in Penrite’s famous 20L Enviro Box packaging, 20L drums and 10L bottles.

Penrite says to discover how Penrite Oil’s Australian made additives and fuel treatments range can benefit your business, or for further information on all Penrite products, visit or call its Technical Advice Line on 1300 PENRITE (736 748, press ‘two’).