The Penrite story commenced more than 90 years ago in Melbourne

Penrite proudly says that since 1926, its products have helped shape the country.

In all that time, it has remained a 100 percent Australian owned and operated business, committed to producing the best lubricants, made right here in Australia.

The Penrite story started out on a kitchen stovetop in Melbourne more than 90 years ago. It was then that a 16-year-old Les Mecoles founded the Penrite Oil Company from his parents’ home in St Kilda, Melbourne.

The first batches of oil were delivered to service stations, milling factories, and the local shipping port using his father’s wheelbarrow. The business continued to grow, but in 1979 Les, suffering from poor health, sold the company to John and Margaret Dymond.

John’s 20 years of experience in not only the oil industry but also the additive market gave him the background and knowledge he needed to take up the challenge of running his own company.

John launched a new range of premium multigrade engine oils known as HPR (High Performance Range), identified to solve automotive oil consumption problems and tailored for the local, harsh Australian conditions.

Other products introduced over time included racing oils; specialist products for classic, vintage and veteran vehicles; Enviro+ oils for modern fuel efficient, low emission engines; lubricants for heavy duty vehicles, motorcycles, marine and small engine applications; gear oils; transmission fluids; hydraulic fluids; coolants; additives; and hand cleaner.

Committed to Australia
From those humble beginnings, Penrite says it now sells its “Better Class of Oil” around the world.

“When you choose Penrite, you are supporting a 100 percent Australian family owned and operated business that employs Australians that have been producing world class lubricants, coolants, additives and hand cleaners on the ground here in Australian factories since 1926,” Penrite Group Sales Manager, John Firth, said.

Penrite operates two manufacturing plants in Australia blending premium grade products for Australian conditions that have been trusted for generations in automotive workshops and service centers as well as in industrial, agriculture/forestry, mining, marine, heavy transport and many other applications where premium lubricants are used.

“No other Australian lubricant company has this pedigree of longevity and trust,” John said.

Penrite’s commitment to Australian manufacturing employs Australians not only at Penrite itself, but in many other businesses supporting that manufacturing role.

“This keeps money in the country to grow our country’s economy and shows that we can compete on a world scale with businesses that have packed up and gone offshore long ago – along with their money,” John said.
“It has never been more important to support Australian products and brands while the country gets back on its feet after the pandemic.
“At Penrite we are working extra hard to make sure we keep producing world class products right here in Australia.

“We are investing more money into improved and smarter manufacturing facilities and employing more Australians to make sure we repay the faith and trust our customers have shown in us for over 90 years.
“We will continue to produce products that are at the cutting edge of technology and perform the way our customers expect from Penrite.
“We will continue to provide OEM and Industry licensed products that guarantee satisfaction and performance and combine this with a service and support level that has been the industry standard setter for decades.
“We will also continue to produce the right product for the right application and guarantee their performance.”

Penrite is clearly passionate about investing in the future for all Australians.

“Australians are still really hurting and we’re certainly doing all we can to support Aussie families, we’re just reminding others to think about doing the same,” John said.

“By asking Australians whether they are supporting Australia right now, we are supporting local jobs and restimulating our economy which in turn is supporting local families and communities.

“We are also guaranteeing we are getting the highest quality product, made right here in Australia by Australians; something Penrite have been doing for nearly 100 years.

“Penrite is committed to investing in the future for local manufacturing and local jobs and aiding in the recovery of our nation during these hard times.”

“So, from Penrite, we say ‘THANK YOU’ to all of our customers for placing their trust in us for over 9 decades and being part of our family.”

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