Penrite claims its disposable gloves last five times longer than normal disposable gloves

As a company that has been Australian owned and operated for 95 years, Penrite is a familiar and trusted name in many circles. Penrite has a wide range of products, including coolants, lubricants, additives, and workshop accessories. Now you can add disposable gloves to the list as the company releases the Penrite Quick Gloves with a patented non-slip grip.
Penrite states that these gloves can handle even the dirtiest of jobs in the workshop. They are also suitable for a number of other occupational areas, including agriculture, mining, plumbing, aviation, manufacturing, and cleaning.
The Quick Gloves are designed to mould to the hand without the use of latex or silicone. They are made from 100 percent Nitrile, a material that offers excellent puncture protection and prevents accidental tearing. These gloves have a non-slip grip that minimises slippage and maximises dexterity while reducing hand fatigue.
Penrite says that its Quick Gloves are so tough and durable that they last five times longer than normal disposable gloves. They are also chemical resistant to lubricants, fuels, coolants, greases, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, brake and clutch fluids, sodium hydroxide, and some solvents. They adhere to tough European ISO 374-5:2016 virus and bacteria protection standards and ISO 374-1:2016 dangerous chemical protection standards. As an added bonus, they are touchscreen friendly, which means they will not need to be removed when using a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.
The Penrite Quick Gloves are sold in boxes of 50, and they are available in Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large sizes to accommodate most individuals. The gloves are ambidextrous, which means they can be worn on either the left or right hand.
They are available to order via the Penrite concierge portal for account holders and through Repco, Autobarn and other leading resellers.

You can contact a Penrite Representative for further information or visit to find out more about Penrite’s range of products.