The Australian owned and operated Penrite has a range of engine oils for racing applications

Penrite says its Racing range of engine oils represent the ultimate performance range of premium full synthetic 100 percent PAO and Ester, Full Zinc+, Shear Free engine oils for competition and road applications.
What make Penrite’s Racing Oils different to standard oils?
Penrite states that its Ten Tenths Racing engine oils are made from 100 percent full synthetic PAO (Group IV) and Ester (Group V) base oils combined with a full zinc + anti wear additive system designed to provide the ultimate in performance and protection.

What benefits does full zinc + provide?
Penrite Racing oils feature Penrite’s Full Zinc+ anti wear additive package for ultimate engine wear protection. They contain optimum zinc levels, boron and organomolybdenum complex to lift the total level of anti-wear package additives to over 2200+ ppm.

What benefits does shear free technology provide?
Shear is the breaking down of oil molecules as a result of heat and load. As shear increases it inhibits the oil’s ability to protect against metal-to-metal contact with resultant wear, loss of oil pressure and engine power.
Penrite explains that its Shear Free formulation offers start up protection, maintains oil pressure and eliminates viscosity loss. It says this means that the oil will maintain its operating temperature viscosity for the life of the oil, providing better film strength compared to oils that shear and lose viscosity as they age.
Oils that shear as they age lose their operating temperature viscosity, and hence become a lot thinner at operating temperature, thus increasing frictional heat and wear between metal surfaces.

Where are Penrite Racing Oils used?
Penrite Racing Oils are used by competitors all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region including in the Australian Supercars Championship.
Penrite Racing Oil was in the 2017 Bathurst winning car driven by David Reynolds and Luke Youlden. The Penrite Racing Supercars use the same oil as can be purchased from your local automotive outlet.
Penrite Racing oils are also used by Penrite Ambassadors all over the country in a multitude of different motorsports from on track racing to V8 Superboats. No matter what motorsport you are into, Penrite says its Racing Oils are go to products for high performance engines.

Can they be used in road and off-road vehicles?
Penrite Racing oils can be used in both modern and classic non-competition vehicles provided that the specifications are matched to the vehicle’s requirements.
Penrite Racing Oils feature late API and ACEA specifications and are suitable for many on and off-road vehicles requiring the ultimate in performance and protection.
Penrite states you don’t have to have a racing car to use Penrite Racing Oils, as they can provide the everyday driver with the same outstanding protection and performance as they do in the highest levels of competition.

What are the benefits of Full Synthetic oils?
Synthetic base oils give outstanding performance, especially as lower viscosity oils. They naturally have a higher viscosity index which stops them from becoming too thick when cold and too thin when at operating temperature. Hence these oils flow more easily on startup providing engine protection when it is most needed.
Penrite explains that they are much less volatile than mineral base oils, meaning they are more stable at temperature, burn less and require less additives that can be the cause of engine deposits. They are also less prone to oxidation providing better anti corrosion protection for the engine.

What is 100 percent PAO (Group IV) and Ester (Group V)?
Penrite Racing Oils are made from 100 percent PAO and Ester base oils. These are laboratory made base oils and no refined crude oil is used in these blends.
PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) are extremely pure with identical molecules due to their complex petro-chemical manufacturing process.
As a result, the chemical oil structure formation is “flat” compared to Group III full synthetic chain structures.
Having a “flat” oil structure creates less friction between chemical structures which allows the oil to effectively become “more slippery.”

They have no sulphur, phosphorus and no wax impurities in their structure. They have excellent cold flow properties, are highly resistant to thermal breakdown and have excellent shear stability.
Esters are manufactured by reacting an acid and an alcohol to give ester plus water. There are many types of esters, such as diesters and polyolesters.
The benefits of Esters are resistance to thermal breakdown, good metal-wetting ability, high film strength and good shear stability.
Penrite says the combination of 100 percent PAOs and Ester together with its premium additives, provides the ultimate protection against oxidation due to outstanding heat resistance.
Other product benefits include oil pressure stability, longer engine life and greater engine performance.
Penrite 10 Tenths Racing oils are available from all good auto retailers.

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