Davies, Craig Thermatic Fans

Davies, Craig Pty Ltd has been manufacturing Thermatic Electric Fans in Australia since 1971.
Basic metal blade fans were being used in the air conditioning industry at that time when Australian engineers Daryl Davies and Bill Craig created ‘Thermatic Electric Fans.’
Davies, Craig explains that its Thermatic Electric Fans are manufactured from strong, lightweight 66/Nylon glass material, being heat-resistant and durable.
It says the Thermatic Electric Fans are the most powerful in their class and especially suited for a wide variety of air conditioning applications and that all Davies, Craig Thermatic Electric Fans are suitable for both air conditioning condenser and radiator cooling.
The low-profile, high-performance Thermatic Electric Fans provide constant, powerful air flow which increases air conditioning heat exchange for cooler air conditioning and/or engine operation.
All Davies, Craig Thermatic Electric Fans offer reverse polarity and reversible blades for bi-directional, upstream (pusher) and/or downstream (puller) air flow as standard equipment.
Davies, Craig also provides a variety of Thermatic Electric Switches which enable you to accurately control the operation of the fan/s commensurate with the required temperature and its Thermatic Electric Fans are economically packaged with mounting feet included.
Davies, Craig says that if you are wondering how a small Australian manufacturing company grew to become one of the world leaders in the cooling field, the answer is simple: innovation.
It says its ability to create new solutions to a variety of cooling issues and a commitment to technology, service and quality has made Davies, Craig a very successful Australian manufacturer and exporter which provides high class cooling technology products to air conditioning and automotive aftermarkets in Australia and around the world.

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