Snap-on Tools take pride of place in thousands of professional automotive workshops across Australia

Every day, mechanics and service technicians rely on Snap-on Tools to get the job done quickly, correctly and safely the first time; without fail.
“Snap-on was started in 1920 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Joseph Johnson, who had an idea that would revolutionise automotive repair and make work easier for professional technicians,” Snap-on National Product and Marketing Manager, Adam Wright, said.
“He invented five unique handles and ten sockets that snapped on interchangeably, and this is how our legendary Snap-on wrench and brand was started.”
Joseph Johnson was certainly an innovator. His vision extended beyond tool design when he decided to develop a unique distribution model in which Snap-on Tools would be sold directly to technicians at their place of work.
“Our unique distribution model, combined with our extensive range of quality tools, sets us apart,” Adam explained.
“We are committed to building robust relationships and by taking our products and visiting customers every week, we get deep insights that help drive new product development and provide a level of service that other brands just can’t match.”
In 1931 Snap-on expanded internationally and is now represented in more than 130 countries worldwide with more than 4,900 mobile stores globally.
Snap-on expanded into Australia over 30 years ago and today has 180 mobile stores spread across Australia and New Zealand.
“Over the last 100 years, Snap-on’s resilience has seen us overcome several global crises including the great depression, WW2, various conflicts around the world, the GFC and now the COVID-19 pandemic,” Adam said.
“Throughout all of these events, our fundamental business model has remained unchanged, and technicians can still rely on Snap-on to get the right tools for the job so they can keep essential transportation systems running, even in the most challenging times.”

Today, Snap-on says it is considered by many as the world’s foremost professional tool brand.
“Our business has evolved into a complete mobile retail showroom that brings Power Tools, Hand Tools, Diagnostic Tools and Software, Tool Storage and workshop equipment directly to technicians at their place of work,” Adam commented.
“Our main product groups are Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Storage, Diagnostics, and Workshop Equipment. From the initial offering of five handles and ten sockets, today Snap-on has more than 65,000 SKUs.
“We have developed a deep product offering. For example, we have more than 100 different ratchet models available to cover every ratcheting need.
“In just our sockets alone, we have over 3,500 different sizes and configurations ranging in size from 1/8-inch to eight-inch.”
While the range of Snap-on hand tools such as wrenches and sockets are iconic, its 14.4v and 18v power tools and high-quality tool storage solutions have also become a staple in the automotive industry.
“We have also become the market leader in Diagnostic Scan Tools,” Adam said.
“Our latest innovation, Zeus, is the smartest scan tool in the market, providing guided tests to eliminate guesswork and avoid customer come-backs. And our new Solus Legend essentially combines two tools in one by providing vehicle and motorcycle coverage.”
To show its commitment to attracting new talent into the automotive industry, Snap-on recently released its updated Starter Kits, which it says provide excellent value for apprentices starting out in the industry or anyone building their tool collection.
“We have an extensive range of Starter Kits, each specifically designed to suit a variety of needs, requirements, and budgets,” Adam said.
“There are 20 options available that range between 170-piece tool kits to 318-piece tool kits.
“Our latest Starter Kit offering comes with our 55” Classic Series Rollcab plus tool control foam for hand tools and power tools; which allows technicians to work more efficiently.”

As you would expect, Snap-on’s primary customers are professional technicians.
“You won’t find our products at your local hardware; our products are for professional technicians and workshops,” Adam commented.
“We also have an Industrial Division that services Aviation, Defense, Mining, and many other industrial markets.”
Snap-on says it sets itself apart from the competition by offering a massive range of products and through a heavy investment in R&D to drive constant innovation that is unrivaled.
“But it’s not just about the quality of our products, it’s also about the customer experience,” Adam said.
“Our franchisees visit our customers every week at their workshops, and we believe that if a customer is going to be on our truck for 10 minutes every week, we want that 10 minutes to be the highlight of that technician’s week!
“We believe that as long as our franchisees are doing this every week, with every customer, then our customers will stick with us.”
This unique distribution model provides franchisees with the opportunity to develop personal relationships with customers.
“They all know their customers by name and often they’ll be invited to customer parties and BBQs,” Adam said.
“I can’t imagine many retail staff from other industries or trade suppliers developing these kinds of relationships with their customers.”
Since it began with an idea that would revolutionise the auto industry in the boom time of the 1920s, Snap-on’s primary goal has been to provide productivity solutions for technicians.
“Innovation is key to our continued success,” said Adam.
“From our initial offering of five handles of different configurations and ten sockets of varying dimensions that would ‘Snap-on’ to each other interchangeably, our commitment to innovation has been unwavering.
“That small range of innovative hand tools launched our business and changed the industry forever.”

Today, Snap-on says it remains at the forefront of R&D and product innovation, with more than 3,300 active and pending patents throughout the world.
“Our business model combined with the strength and heritage of our brand is a key competitive advantage,” explained Adam.
“The strength of our brands comes from 100 years of heritage and our franchisees visiting customers every week and telling our story. Because of the quality of our tools, often they are passed down through generations.”
Snap-on is currently focusing on expanding its franchise network so that they can reach more customers across Australia and New Zealand to meet their growing demands.
“We are well known for the premium quality of our tools, but what is less known is the strength of our award-winning franchise opportunity,” Adam explained.
“For anyone looking for a business opportunity and to be part of our legendary brand, we offer low start-up fees, no ongoing royalty fees or expensive property leases, and a business that typically trades from Monday to Friday.”
When a new franchisee joins Snap-on, they attend four to six weeks of training with specialist-trainers and the Snap-on support team so that they hit the ground running.
When quizzed about the value of Snap-on’s AAAA Membership, Adam provided a great insight into the value the association offers.
“The AAAA provides many services, but their ability to help us network with our members and supporting them with up-to-the-minute industry information delivers huge value,” Adam said.
“In addition, attending and participating in tradeshows is a great benefit to us.”

To find out more about Snap-on’s extensive range or to enquire about franchise opportunities, please visit